Playing With Life

She was Playing With Life of a boy. She was successful as nobody could understand her plan. And now boy has been married with a mad woman. Neither she can help anything in his life nor can free him. In the court, laws always go in the favour of girl. She can demand Maintainance Allowance besides partition in his property. She may blame for Domestic Violence or Dowry demand. Even she may not come to court and nobody can compel her to do so. She may demand from Court for free advocate or Adviser. How that boy may come out fro this tragic drama of Life. She has become exploiter at her best. And boy has no option except accept the circumstance. He may go to Court but how can he prove himself right. Even the winning the case is also depends how long she likes to be helpful. While taking any step of violence will put him only inside the Prison. It indicates that in the name of Woman Empowerment girls are exploiting the boys by taking unusual advantage. How long will she play with the life of boy? Playing With Life.


Tool of Wicked Women

Women are supposed as good as wicked. They take rigidity to the full degree. And will never like to deviate from the desired goal or path. Her first tool is silence. A woman will be silent in response to every question, as she experiences that their word may reveal weakness or may fall in further trouble. Another point is that these acts make her strong and opponent candidates fall in mental trouble. Second she will like to ignore the food. This causes a great trouble to opponents. They feel guilty as well as supposed responsible for every action done by woman. In such situations a person out of rage or else either will come to violence or will leave her forever. And in such manner wicked women get success in her desired goal. What do you think for such wicked women? How should we control such wicked women?

Mukhtaran Bibi:Inspiration Of Life

Victim of Gang rape and Illiterate woman of Pakistan, Mukhtaran Bibi has become inspiration of life. Mukhtaran was not only victimised by the people but also by the government of Pakistan. Generally life after heinous crime like rape becomes so miserable that Death is supposed better than Life;however power of politics was against her in the air. Bibi was experiencing every harsh moment of Life. But with the support of Parents, she refused to think about suicide and started a new life. Bibi started a small school to educate all with risk. Starting such work even by economically weak person was very tough but with courage at present her organisation is working very well for the welfare of the society. Out of jealousy several stones were thrown over her but she created a bridge of Success with these stones.Someone may thrash her courage in tough time but this world will salute her for such journey of life.She is real hero of life and person should take lesson that Life doesn’t end with you but your cowardness.