Mad Woman In Train

As the Bagh Express arrived Samastipur Junction, a mad woman entered into the compartment. She walked randomly seat to seat and tried to sit somewhere. But no one allowed her to sit nearby. Even she was scolded and directed to go out of train. However she placed herself near the entrance gate. Everyone was just observing her activity and commenting about her circumstance and condition. Suddenly a young girl rose from the first berth and gave a new towel on the body of mad woman. She even clipped the towel so well that it may not fall anywhere. Mad Woman was just looking her. Train now moved ahead to Muzaffarpur. As Train reached to Dholi, someone snatched the towel from the Mad Woman. And she was in the same position, just looking in the direction of towel snatcher… Its life, where nobody can so sympathy but god has given hand to snatch anythinh even from a Mad Woman.


Train Journey And Life

Train Journey has become essential part of my life. I enjoy it in my happiness, sorrow, adventure or in fun. Sitting to window or door is my first choice. I have learnt lots of lesson in train journey. Experienced several types of human beings, their feelings, and reactions to the situation. Adjustment & cooperation play a vital role to increase confidence. Train presents a new world where not only station gets changed with time but also passengers, hawkers, voice & scene, language and culture as well. Every moment and natural beauty try to stimulate the mind. New concern & contact even develop such a relation, which transforms into long life. It gives a chance to think about life – for what are you crying? For what are you runnin g after wealth while your life is nothing after a destination? For what are you nourishing your Ego? With a little loss you become under the cloud of frustration while a handicap is earning a livelihood for his family in crowdy train.Do you still think that its only a train journey?

Memorable Night

In our life several things come as memorable for the life, but we talk just about special one. In my life, I also got lots of things but I love only nights. Travelling in night has become as regular routine. Being in train coach and enjoying journey is the most pleasurable moment of my life. I could not forget my chilling and crying voice what I used to do at the coach-gate in the silent dark nights. Whistle of train was only competitor of mine. I also got drops of rain on my hand, face and lips. Taste of that rain drops can’t be expressed in words. I experienced the feeling of love & separation besides earning lots of practical knowledge of life in train. But after all, I am very thankful for the night in which I got a chance to be inside the Pilot Cabin of train & learnt how to drive a train. I could not believe the moment when I was touching & trying everything in the Cabin with my hand. I am thankful to both Pilot as well as God, who gave me a chance. As I had never dreamt it as a public.I am not a Pilot.