Smile And Life

Everybody was thinking about her smile. She was smiling while she was filled with Negative Emotion. Life was not so smooth. Roughness has scrached her Emotionally. But even in harsh condition she never left to Smile. Her Smile was vibrating the whole Environment. She just used to think that Sorrow can’t improve the condition. Smile may not only improve your Relation but also offer Smile to several faces. A person should try for improvement. Life offers a lots of thing not only for survival but to prove you with different aspects. Change in Life is for a reason which may be read only by few. Life is not so easy to understand. So every person should accept the Life with Smile. Blaming to self or else may not do anything good. So keep Smiling and try to prove yourself with Smile. Your Pain even may loose its bitterness before your Smile. Smile is also a type of Meditation. While it cures and cleans your heart and mind to rejuvenate you. Smile is harmless. While Smile may be counted as reason of Positive Energy.


A Single Moment May Change Your Life

A Single Moment may change your whole Life. And this single moment is very unknown to you. Even after hard labour you’ll not be able to know if your work will offer prize or punishment. Lord Krishna says – Just work and work without thinking about its result. Truly you earn what you deserve. So don’t be disappointed. What do you earn after expressing your anger or frustration? Hardly words of sympathy, which is known as more valuable than gold in pain. But do you expect the same? And for how long? Happiness offers you smile and pleasant environment, where you may enjoy company of friends. You may learn new ideas. But in depression chances are more that you’ll earn negativity. Positive Energy keeps you warm in every aspect. Due to any event you heart may become so sensitive that you may change your life pattern. It may be for excellent cause. So everybody should work with positive energy in positive direction to get the moment. What is our life more than this? Try to transform your life for good cause. Do you?