Happiness And Pain

Happiness and Pain.In Happiness sometimes people make lots of mistake which is the main cause of Pain. First of all person only recalls the significant persons of Life. Generally he tries to call every dear ones. But sometimes due to some inner conflicts or situation or Ego he tries to exclude some at some cost. But Ignorent person does not think about the circumstance, and out of Ego just blame. Really in Ignorence pain penetrates Emotion badly. Even this feeling comes to the worst if someone is going to enjoy the Happiness. Pain does not hurt physically but it affects Mental and Emotional health. With the passage of time it torments physical health as well. While Happiness leads in Positive direction. Happiness, Sorrow or Pain are like part of same coin. Nobody can say that he has always enjoyed only Happiness or Pain to the bottom of heart. So a person should keep his/her mind cool and control. As your Bad Temper may risk your whole Life. Therefore never a person should be lost either in Happiness or Pain.


Life Has Given

Today he is sad. He is experiencing helplessness. Noone is with him to share the pain of heart. He can’t weep and show the tear as noone is there to listen his word. Since childhood he devoted his life for the family – mother, brother, sister and father. Everybody has only expectation. He is experiencing himself as struggling for survival in a great desert. Perhaps he is also suffering from some serious disease now. Everybody just tries to show him only a dream, which may be only dream for him. Sometimes he works with enthusiasm and sometimes with frustration. Even he can’t die peacefully as his moral value directs him for responsibility of life. What life has given him? Only chance to come on the Earth? Be human? Tolerate all? Do good for all? But what in the last- Die in alone? Who will take care of him? Has any value of life for self? Getting only chance for adventure? No doubt for optimist its good for learning lesson of life. But for pessimist…? What will life offer him in the last? Big question?

Patience And Courage May Change Your Life

Patience and courage may change your life. But people neither like to keep patience nor courage. With a little problem we become tense, and try to get attention. Even our disappointment or depression leads us to the end of our life. While life is more than these odd incidents. Love, Separation, Disease, Scold, Fight, Handicap or else may divert your mind. But with the passage of time everything became cure. After suffering pain, a person learns value of even small things in life. It makes a person to be satisfied that you are not alone in this world to suffer. There are many more in worse condition and they are leading their life in the best way. You may be suffering a lot, but try to share hope & smile. No one may offer you sympathy for long. So try to change your life in your own way. Don’t be worried for those – which are not in your hand. Never think much for future. Expectation is root cause of all pain. Never think for returning. But you’ll get something in return surely. Keep patience & courage to do.