Teacher is supposed very unique person in this universe. He is always expected to answer all the asked questions or problems to him. It is not necessary that Teacher may only be a human being. In real sense which/who can teach you anything, that may be your Teacher. First Teacher is mother or father. But Nature is your Life time Teacher. It may teach you to learn a Life. Every problem of Life may prove your Teacher. As every problem teaches you to struggle. Every hurdle of Life encourages you to face the challenges of Life boldly with different aspects with patience. Air, water, tree and Earth offers you a lot of thing to make you aware. Teacher does nothing but only tries to Motivate or Inspire. For learning a lesson book is not only a solution. Besides it you have to learn a lots of thing from the surroundings. Every creature on this Earth is using their enriched and imperfect knowledge in their best capacity. So Teacher is the most essential part of our Life. Teacher is always available to you everywhere.


Life And Problem

Can you say about a person – who has never faced any sort of Problem in his Life ? No. Certainly not. As struggle is the name of life. It doesn’t check your Patience but also offers two ways to think – either positive or negative. If you go with narrow mind – then surely you’ll end up your life for a little valueless thing. Your life is the most precious thing on this Earth. With life you may experience the differences and uniqueness available in this nature. You may become ideal person of several. Nobody wants to come out from Comfort Zone, but it provides lots of challenge & pleasure. With patience everything becomes possible & you may handle difficult to difficult problem. Any problem may keep you under pressure, but this pressure can be reduced to the Earth with delay. If delay doesn’t work then proper quickness is required. It is also a truth that every hurdle adds power in your stamina if you are positive otherwise…. Life always conveys message to walk and walk over every problem. And we should do it.

Love Life

Love is essence of life. Without Love this world is like a desert. But love has envy, expectation, frustration, tear with happiness and loveliness. Fight between two lovers increases love if it is healthy. If someone likes to scoff any and tries to rectify the behaviour always, then it leads to the end of relation. Actually every person has a weakness – he/she wants praise, love, regard and attention but does not like to give the same to any. This contradiction creates enemity and aloneness. You may be loved by all if you start to love first of all to self and then to nature, beauty and others. If you like to share your true emotion with manner. If you provide freedom and personal space to everyone. Bondage or restriction decreases mutual understanding. In true love, healthy fight is real indicator of live wire as two things may never be similar as two persons may not be always agree to think in the same direction without compromise.So for the healthy Love Life everybody should learn to give instead of take.

Who Is Teacher ?

Who is Teacher? Teacher is not only a person who teaches us but every living and non-living thing is Teacher, which gives us any lesson, lesson of life, inspiration & motivation. Even Pt. Jawahar Lal Nehru used to write to Indira Gandhi – If she wants to learn then try to learn from Nature. Truly Nature is the great Teacher & every creature earns some knowledge by experience & experiment. As noone is perfect in this world so noone should hesitate to experiment, as no any win or lose is final. Great persons are only those, who collects courage to fight back to back and welcome every challenge with smile. It is also said that every problem teaches us some lesson & in this way, this is such a Teacher which is for whole life and always test our Patience, Courage, Morality, Honesty & Humanity.Person is rewarded with Prize or Punishment.No doubt our parents & others are our Teachers, who teach us in home, school, college or anywhere in a limited period but Time teaches us till the bed of death.So try to learn only.


Knowledge is one of the most mysterious element on this Earth. It is limitless. Even life may end at any time however any may learn new thing there. Bookish Knowledge, Practical Knowledge, Mechanical Knowledge, Tricky Knowledge and so like list may be enlarged. But how much should a person study to be a successful person? Answer is not so easy but any may concentrate himself/herself to the point and may try his/her best to earn in every second. Noone may be perfect but the percentage of improvement may be noted. With proper utilization of time any may learn a new lesson from any object of this nature. Nature is not only a book but also a perfect teacher. But nature teaches only to those who wish to learn. Learner should be curious to learn something new. Creativity, ability, capacity, inspiration etc are essential condition. Even these may be cultivated with time as rare things come by birth. Ignorance is a great obstacle and source of all pain, while Knowledge is resource of all sorts of happiness and joy.