Value Of Time

What may be the value of time more than this that about to everything on this Earth may comeback with some especial effort except Time. Can you imagine that moment when someone get himself safe even in crucial accident? Can you imagine the feeling of such person who has lost his way before a hungry Lion? Everyone excuses due to lack of time, he couldn’t make practices, or couldn’t get success. Think for a moment, how much time do they want for preparation & even can assure for sure success after that? If not then, why don’t get ready for immediate action for every risk or job? What makes difference if noone is giving 100% ? Is it possible that for your preparation in that tenure no extra work or responsibility will be added in your life? Nothing favourable or against will go in your life span? If nothing is certain then what have to think more than need? What will be benefit by making non-sense excuses? Death will wait for you? Will death offer you excuse?Is there anything remain to know the value of time ?


Crime, Government and Public

What is the relation among Crime, Government and Public? As we see Delhi Gangrape of 2012 tried to show that Public is still sensitive. And Justice Verma Committee gave the report. Without any delay UPA Government even tried to implement the recommendations of Justice Verma Committee. But Crime is still increasing in Delhi & outside Delhi. Rape & Gangrape filles are pilling up. Is it mock? What sort of seriousness is in our Society, Goverment or morality? Can we stop crime without controlling the mindset or morality? Even UGC is directing institutions to teach such subjects which may divert the mind of new generation for positive energy. It is said that silence due to fear wants revenge while silence with love wants peace. But in country like India, is it possible? Science report adds Crime is the result of Frustration. And Frustrtion is the result of personal, professional or problem of system. But what can Government do without co-operation of Public? What is Government without Public? Should they think it?