Smile And Life

Everybody was thinking about her smile. She was smiling while she was filled with Negative Emotion. Life was not so smooth. Roughness has scrached her Emotionally. But even in harsh condition she never left to Smile. Her Smile was vibrating the whole Environment. She just used to think that Sorrow can’t improve the condition. Smile may not only improve your Relation but also offer Smile to several faces. A person should try for improvement. Life offers a lots of thing not only for survival but to prove you with different aspects. Change in Life is for a reason which may be read only by few. Life is not so easy to understand. So every person should accept the Life with Smile. Blaming to self or else may not do anything good. So keep Smiling and try to prove yourself with Smile. Your Pain even may loose its bitterness before your Smile. Smile is also a type of Meditation. While it cures and cleans your heart and mind to rejuvenate you. Smile is harmless. While Smile may be counted as reason of Positive Energy.


Railway Platform

Railway Platform is a place of huge commotion. All sorts of people are here – poor to rich, rough to gental, beggers to leaders & peon to the President. Some may be in much hurry, & some may have to wait for long hours. Sleeping here and there and resting in the Rest house or else. Happiness and joy get charm while sorrow leaves in the dark future. Life & death go side by side. Railway, train, horn, and all its environment is just a symbolism for life. Learn lots of lesson or earn lots of pain. Relieve your agony & be calm. Nothing included or excluded but you are there as a part of system. Animals, birds, men & women, children all are here just in search of meaning of life. Invisible comes as well. Understanding and self learning is the only tool to manage all. Stories, poems, romance, tears & what not more? Have you imagined your life even without a platform or Railway platform?Who knows about the next turning of life? Isn’t it like our life?Uncertainty is the only certainty.Afterall its Railway platform.

Fight or Flight

Fight or Flight is the only option which is available in every crucial situation of Life. Brave likes to fight while Coward prefers flight. But as a true human being everybody should fight to win with tricks. Flight will never allow you to establish as it will become your habit. Even a little danger will prove fatal. Who doesn’t feel any problem everyday? What they do? Struggle is the name of Life and in this nobody has anything to lose except Ego, while win will establish you. Moreover it is said if you can’t defeat the trouble, however trouble makes you strong. Never think anything has gone wrong. Try to pick positive points. What is weakness in you to be a deserving ? Who has got success with flight? Can you imagine how crucial and boring life may be with flight? Fight gives you name, fame, money, and everything of your desire. But it should never be at the cost of your life. Fight should be at mental level and try to avoid or minimize the hurt. Flight is different from trick. So must apply your mind.

Writer And God

Writer and God have much similarity. Writer is not only a human being but also supposed as God. God creates own world and creatures as a Writer writes a story with an Idea and creates characters as per choice. Same like God, Writer also experiments with characters and circumstance. Every character just smile, weep, run, sleep or act anything as Writer wish. All readers cultivate anger, love, sympathy for the character, but it ends in Happiness or Sorrow as writer has determined. As for every action of construction or destruction, only writer is responsible, so for the world only God is responsible. Nothing is in the hand of reader or creature of this world. When some enjoy reading and leave the matter there only except earning knowledge. Then why should a person cry for any loss or gain? Everyone should be detached with worldly things and should enjoy only the beauty of life without considering much. As experiments of Writer and God confuse everyone. And nothing is for forever either reason or result.

Life And Struggle

Life is for joy, fun, and progress but it is a long journey of struggle. Struggle may be mental, emotional or physical. And successful persons are only those, who sail their days smoothly even in rough time. Can any give example of any, who has no problem or tension of any sort? Obviously not, as everyone is struggling at their level any how. Some are enjoying the pain of life with tear or smile, while frustrated one is taking life of self or else, but who got happiness with this? Then what should do? Compromise word is used very frankly for the survival of life. Accept the life as it comes. Only with compromise and patience you may go ahead in the wave of time. In this phase, several things will change, new relation or emotion will develop, which may heal or worse all pains. So its better to delay in confusion as haste may prove fatal. But never let the confusion take so long which may hurt anyhow. Right decision in right direction in right time is essence. But the survival of life is the most significant.

Construction And Destruction

Both Construction and Destruction are essential part of our life. Both take time and hard work. But as much time and hard work are essential for the Construction, that is not essential for Destruction. But even both want sincerity, honesty and punctuality. It depends only on a person – what does he want? It may be possible that destructive idea may attract with glamour but it may leave you in frustration or with bad name. While constructive work may offer you lots of fun and pleasure besides satisfaction. During achieving the target man may deviate from the true path, may be tired, emotions may test their patience but lastly win is win. With the same position both may be started but the view of action is main. In this world nothing is good, nothing is bad and nothing is without purpose or reason. Every action is result of any inspiration. And every action is characterized by circumstance. Same work may be taken as Constructive or Destructive, only purpose may differentiate it. What do you think for your step?

Work And Result

Lord Krishna has said in The Geeta ” Just work is in your hand and never think for result”. Very truly what can a man do more than a work. It may be good or bad. It’s effect may be positive or negative, but which one will make real reflection, is not so easy to say. But it is not a true reason to stop your work or action. A human being should be always in action. With right attitude, right action in right direction surely will result in right. So everybody should try his/her best. But never be disappointed if result doesn’t come as expected. But you may be sure that your powerful effort surely will make some mark there. It will show the power of your action. If same action will be repeated obviously success will be there in coming time. So just work and work and never think for result. Your deserving action surely will transform into good result or will have to wait for some moment. But besides it your patience and concentration will also add something. Your action even will be marked for your attempt.