Teacher is supposed very unique person in this universe. He is always expected to answer all the asked questions or problems to him. It is not necessary that Teacher may only be a human being. In real sense which/who can teach you anything, that may be your Teacher. First Teacher is mother or father. But Nature is your Life time Teacher. It may teach you to learn a Life. Every problem of Life may prove your Teacher. As every problem teaches you to struggle. Every hurdle of Life encourages you to face the challenges of Life boldly with different aspects with patience. Air, water, tree and Earth offers you a lot of thing to make you aware. Teacher does nothing but only tries to Motivate or Inspire. For learning a lesson book is not only a solution. Besides it you have to learn a lots of thing from the surroundings. Every creature on this Earth is using their enriched and imperfect knowledge in their best capacity. So Teacher is the most essential part of our Life. Teacher is always available to you everywhere.


Selection of Topic For Blog

Search or Selection of Hot Topic is a tough job. As whenever we go to write Article, Blog, Story, or Poem, then it comes to mind what should be written. If this topic is of any value? What will be response? But in real sense every Topic is a raw material. It has proper significance. We should be alert to pick a theme from any incident of Life. Even Negativity may carry Triumph or Positivity may leave you in back. Treatment & Research of Topic play key role. Presentation of Topic with different aspects increases value of work of art. In this vast world someone is seeking some sort of information. So any Topic can’t be ignored. Timing & Quality of Blog, Story, or Poem give attentive impression. In general people look for the information – which may solve their life problem, may increase their knowledge, satisfy their curiosity. And which may support Emotionally or entertaion them. Anything may be Hot Topic for writing if it is reading the mood of reader. So everyone should work in such a way that it may work.


Adjustment is a process in which a person has to regulate, adapt or settle in different context of Life. John Boyd Orr says,” our civilization has evolved through the continuous adjustment of society to the stimulus of new Knowledge”. In real sense life is not possible without adjustment. Since birth to death a person has to struggle to adjust as this world has own system to work and everyone has just to follow it otherwise be out of this system. Adjustment disorder basically develops due to Ego or Self-Esteem. Eric Hoffer says,” Every new adjustment is a crisis in self-esteem”. While Herbert Spencer adds,” Life is the continuous adjustment of internal relations to external relations”. For being a successful person it is essential to learn the process of adjustment. Compromise is basic tool to avoid Ego. Learn to be humble and try to give respect to everyone near to you and value the importance of every professional or other relations. Without adjustment you may be nowhere in Life or World. So try to adjust.


Knowledge is one of the most mysterious element on this Earth. It is limitless. Even life may end at any time however any may learn new thing there. Bookish Knowledge, Practical Knowledge, Mechanical Knowledge, Tricky Knowledge and so like list may be enlarged. But how much should a person study to be a successful person? Answer is not so easy but any may concentrate himself/herself to the point and may try his/her best to earn in every second. Noone may be perfect but the percentage of improvement may be noted. With proper utilization of time any may learn a new lesson from any object of this nature. Nature is not only a book but also a perfect teacher. But nature teaches only to those who wish to learn. Learner should be curious to learn something new. Creativity, ability, capacity, inspiration etc are essential condition. Even these may be cultivated with time as rare things come by birth. Ignorance is a great obstacle and source of all pain, while Knowledge is resource of all sorts of happiness and joy.

Writer And God

Writer and God have much similarity. Writer is not only a human being but also supposed as God. God creates own world and creatures as a Writer writes a story with an Idea and creates characters as per choice. Same like God, Writer also experiments with characters and circumstance. Every character just smile, weep, run, sleep or act anything as Writer wish. All readers cultivate anger, love, sympathy for the character, but it ends in Happiness or Sorrow as writer has determined. As for every action of construction or destruction, only writer is responsible, so for the world only God is responsible. Nothing is in the hand of reader or creature of this world. When some enjoy reading and leave the matter there only except earning knowledge. Then why should a person cry for any loss or gain? Everyone should be detached with worldly things and should enjoy only the beauty of life without considering much. As experiments of Writer and God confuse everyone. And nothing is for forever either reason or result.

Better Knowledge

Where can we earn “Better Knowledge”? Some may answer that better knowledge may be earned in modern and technology based College, University or Advanced Society and town. But we can not ignore the fact of failureness in such spaces as lots of examples are available. Actually Knowledge has nothing to do with these things. For Knowledge open mind and instinct of inspiration are essential. Even with good books a person can earn high degree or grade but also will succeed to earn Better Knowledge can’t be said. As from books one can earn knowledge to the limited extent. But real life does not stop there only. For the betterment all sorts of knowledge are essential. Better Knowledge may be earned by experience, discussion, debate, interection, inspection, introspection and like so on. With attitude Knowledge may be earned anywhere and anyhow. If spark of inspiration meets with hard work and goal orientation, then nothing can stop one to succeed ahead. What do you think for Better Knowledge?