Life And Problem

Can you say about a person – who has never faced any sort of Problem in his Life ? No. Certainly not. As struggle is the name of life. It doesn’t check your Patience but also offers two ways to think – either positive or negative. If you go with narrow mind – then surely you’ll end up your life for a little valueless thing. Your life is the most precious thing on this Earth. With life you may experience the differences and uniqueness available in this nature. You may become ideal person of several. Nobody wants to come out from Comfort Zone, but it provides lots of challenge & pleasure. With patience everything becomes possible & you may handle difficult to difficult problem. Any problem may keep you under pressure, but this pressure can be reduced to the Earth with delay. If delay doesn’t work then proper quickness is required. It is also a truth that every hurdle adds power in your stamina if you are positive otherwise…. Life always conveys message to walk and walk over every problem. And we should do it.


Who Is Teacher ?

Who is Teacher? Teacher is not only a person who teaches us but every living and non-living thing is Teacher, which gives us any lesson, lesson of life, inspiration & motivation. Even Pt. Jawahar Lal Nehru used to write to Indira Gandhi – If she wants to learn then try to learn from Nature. Truly Nature is the great Teacher & every creature earns some knowledge by experience & experiment. As noone is perfect in this world so noone should hesitate to experiment, as no any win or lose is final. Great persons are only those, who collects courage to fight back to back and welcome every challenge with smile. It is also said that every problem teaches us some lesson & in this way, this is such a Teacher which is for whole life and always test our Patience, Courage, Morality, Honesty & Humanity.Person is rewarded with Prize or Punishment.No doubt our parents & others are our Teachers, who teach us in home, school, college or anywhere in a limited period but Time teaches us till the bed of death.So try to learn only.

Humbleness And Politeness

Humbleness and Politeness are supposed as a key of Success in Life. Even successful person shows their politeness and humbleness before everybody everywhere. They never talk rough or in proudy tone. They behave in such a friendly and impressive manner that noone may remain untouched by heart. And followers try to earn this quality. But question arises in the mind – how does a person not earn anger, sorrow anytime? How do they make themselves outstanding persons? Its truth. Even a successful person earns sorrow, allergy or anger but they express it in personal space and manage it in public. They try to avoid such circumstances and keep themselves busy. They don’t get enough to think about past. And expectation is the main cause of every pain and anger. Should not work work or think with much attachment. Noone can ignore the weakness of human being but with the art of living, may manage it. Earning Success is important but managing the success without blame is art, which may be cultivated with patience.

Train Journey And Life

Train Journey has become essential part of my life. I enjoy it in my happiness, sorrow, adventure or in fun. Sitting to window or door is my first choice. I have learnt lots of lesson in train journey. Experienced several types of human beings, their feelings, and reactions to the situation. Adjustment & cooperation play a vital role to increase confidence. Train presents a new world where not only station gets changed with time but also passengers, hawkers, voice & scene, language and culture as well. Every moment and natural beauty try to stimulate the mind. New concern & contact even develop such a relation, which transforms into long life. It gives a chance to think about life – for what are you crying? For what are you runnin g after wealth while your life is nothing after a destination? For what are you nourishing your Ego? With a little loss you become under the cloud of frustration while a handicap is earning a livelihood for his family in crowdy train.Do you still think that its only a train journey?

Fight or Flight

Fight or Flight is the only option which is available in every crucial situation of Life. Brave likes to fight while Coward prefers flight. But as a true human being everybody should fight to win with tricks. Flight will never allow you to establish as it will become your habit. Even a little danger will prove fatal. Who doesn’t feel any problem everyday? What they do? Struggle is the name of Life and in this nobody has anything to lose except Ego, while win will establish you. Moreover it is said if you can’t defeat the trouble, however trouble makes you strong. Never think anything has gone wrong. Try to pick positive points. What is weakness in you to be a deserving ? Who has got success with flight? Can you imagine how crucial and boring life may be with flight? Fight gives you name, fame, money, and everything of your desire. But it should never be at the cost of your life. Fight should be at mental level and try to avoid or minimize the hurt. Flight is different from trick. So must apply your mind.


Ego is essential part of our life and which is the only cause of all sorts of evil or destruction. Ego is like a bone which makes us straight. Egoist is always found in revolutionary action. Noone can easily blame him for any fault or will have dance on the tune of Egoist. While Egoless persons are found somewhere surviving in peace. Egoless persons never like to argue much. Egoist rule and Egoless is ruled in the system. For being a successful person Balanced Ego is essential. Don’t be Egoist or Egoless to hurt self. Even Colin Powell says,”Don’t let your ego get too close to your postion, so that if your position gets shot down, your Ego doesn’t go with it”. While Pat Riley adds,” Each warrior wants to leave the mark of his will, signature, on important acts he touches. This is not the voice of Ego but of the human spirit, rising up and declaring that it has something to contribute to the solution of the hardest problems, no matter how vexing”. So its very clear that avoiding Ego is better for survival.