Smile And Life

Everybody was thinking about her smile. She was smiling while she was filled with Negative Emotion. Life was not so smooth. Roughness has scrached her Emotionally. But even in harsh condition she never left to Smile. Her Smile was vibrating the whole Environment. She just used to think that Sorrow can’t improve the condition. Smile may not only improve your Relation but also offer Smile to several faces. A person should try for improvement. Life offers a lots of thing not only for survival but to prove you with different aspects. Change in Life is for a reason which may be read only by few. Life is not so easy to understand. So every person should accept the Life with Smile. Blaming to self or else may not do anything good. So keep Smiling and try to prove yourself with Smile. Your Pain even may loose its bitterness before your Smile. Smile is also a type of Meditation. While it cures and cleans your heart and mind to rejuvenate you. Smile is harmless. While Smile may be counted as reason of Positive Energy.


Lesson Of Life

Do you know Lesson Of Life? Lesson Of Life is recognised as Experience of Life. Every Human Being is struggling in every moment of Life somewhere anyhow. Some are creating problems out of Ego while others are victim of circumstance. Sometimes it breaks a person to take Life of self or others without thinking anything. But taken action in haste prove you wrong or it became such a tragic loss which can’t be recovered. Lesson of Life compels you to think before act, check your Ego, and keep patience. But all emotions burst at the last point where Frustration has grown up to the climax. And its very tough to control the Emotion of Frustration, which leads to the destruction. All knowledge get over under tormenting Emotion. But oly Emotion may not control your Life. Your thinking capacity also play a great role. But the adjustment between Emotion and Reason is essence of Life. Your Lesson of Life only suggest you to survive better Life in the best possible manner. It suggests to enrich your Life with diversity.

Passage Of Time

With The Passage Of Time , things get changed. Faces of human earn some maturity lines while body turns into either strong or weak. Relation and Emotion develop a new direction. Feeling also take a turn either in positive or negative. If you meet with someone after a gap, you experience something different surely. With The Passage Of Time, your thinking earns maturity. You don’t only see the prospects of Life in a way but also in complete. You learn the value of man, woman, relation, thing and every living or non-living object of this world. Your spirituality adds a new dimension in your character. Your hate get transformation into Love. With the Passage of time you learn your capacity. You never try to take risk of crossing your limit. But you also learn the meaning of hope, expectation, & promise. Even Meaning Of Life is realized in the last moment of Life. With the passage of time, you may also experience yourself in a new environment or world.

Love Life

Love is essence of life. Without Love this world is like a desert. But love has envy, expectation, frustration, tear with happiness and loveliness. Fight between two lovers increases love if it is healthy. If someone likes to scoff any and tries to rectify the behaviour always, then it leads to the end of relation. Actually every person has a weakness – he/she wants praise, love, regard and attention but does not like to give the same to any. This contradiction creates enemity and aloneness. You may be loved by all if you start to love first of all to self and then to nature, beauty and others. If you like to share your true emotion with manner. If you provide freedom and personal space to everyone. Bondage or restriction decreases mutual understanding. In true love, healthy fight is real indicator of live wire as two things may never be similar as two persons may not be always agree to think in the same direction without compromise.So for the healthy Love Life everybody should learn to give instead of take.

Aarushi Murder : Result Of Fast Life Style

In this fast life style nobody has time to think even for the self, then how can we imagine the possibility of Love & care for family members? Everyone is living in different world under the same roof. Even within very room people has limited their life in books, mobiles, lappy, and other Electronic Gadgets. Sometimes they leave their comfort zone if something unusual happens in their life or society and again go to enjoy their life. On 16 November 2008, Aarushi & Hemraj were killed in Noida near Delhi. Without making any delay Local Police caught Rajesh Talwar & Nupur Talwar for this double murder. But due to several reasons case was given to CBI, but nothing special came out. Lastly on 26 November 2013 Dentist couple Rajesh Talwar & Nupur Talwar got Life Imprisionment in CBI Court. But many questions are yet unanswered. What is special message in this case? Will parents take extra care of their children? What will be impact on the emotion of parents towards children? Will children take any lesson? Do it?

Be Practical

Be Practical. It is said that for being a successful person – have to be practical. But what is the meaning of “Be Practical”? Some say- it is nothing but control of Emotion. Means there is no time to cry or think for pain. Never treat yourself as a Human Being. Because only Machine can work even as insensitve. Reports say – about to all Successful person has shown their cruel form in decisive moment. Even William Shakespeare once wrote-“Be cruel for kindness”. But once surely should think- What is the real meaning of cited sentence. In this world nothing is impossible but controlling the Emotion is the toughest job in this Universe. If you want to be a Successful Person then have to practice it. It can be gained if you keep yourself much busy. If you enjoy the every moment of present. If you accept the cruelty of time and life. Just keep in mind- have to go ahead. Nothing is there to betray you. Your aim is only your life & you are surviving only for it. No any relation or responsibility may betray you.

Right of love : Lovelorn 3

After adjusting himself in chair he told -” Go… Your father may have been waiting for you. We meet again.” After getting assurance she came down to stair. She was just guessing “what happened? Good or bad? Who will say to me? How should I know the real fact? Oneday surely I’ll know but for how long will have to wait?” And Prem was alone still in the office. He hit the table with the fist in agressiveness and grinned ” Meet again… hoh…!” What have to do? Why have to meet? Who am I? What is right with me to talk to her? -these were the questions of her father. Really have right? What is the right of love? He is his father, he is the reason of his presence in this world but me? I was like a toy to play. What is wrong? Everybody likes to play with mobile, video game, cricket or else. She played with my emotion. It was my fault that I couldn’t understand.Nothing have to say to anybody.-these thinking controlled his mind and got lost in the dreamy days of life.Glory of life came in his eyes.Past stay always?