Happiness And Pain

Happiness and Pain.In Happiness sometimes people make lots of mistake which is the main cause of Pain. First of all person only recalls the significant persons of Life. Generally he tries to call every dear ones. But sometimes due to some inner conflicts or situation or Ego he tries to exclude some at some cost. But Ignorent person does not think about the circumstance, and out of Ego just blame. Really in Ignorence pain penetrates Emotion badly. Even this feeling comes to the worst if someone is going to enjoy the Happiness. Pain does not hurt physically but it affects Mental and Emotional health. With the passage of time it torments physical health as well. While Happiness leads in Positive direction. Happiness, Sorrow or Pain are like part of same coin. Nobody can say that he has always enjoyed only Happiness or Pain to the bottom of heart. So a person should keep his/her mind cool and control. As your Bad Temper may risk your whole Life. Therefore never a person should be lost either in Happiness or Pain.


Lesson Of Life

Do you know Lesson Of Life? Lesson Of Life is recognised as Experience of Life. Every Human Being is struggling in every moment of Life somewhere anyhow. Some are creating problems out of Ego while others are victim of circumstance. Sometimes it breaks a person to take Life of self or others without thinking anything. But taken action in haste prove you wrong or it became such a tragic loss which can’t be recovered. Lesson of Life compels you to think before act, check your Ego, and keep patience. But all emotions burst at the last point where Frustration has grown up to the climax. And its very tough to control the Emotion of Frustration, which leads to the destruction. All knowledge get over under tormenting Emotion. But oly Emotion may not control your Life. Your thinking capacity also play a great role. But the adjustment between Emotion and Reason is essence of Life. Your Lesson of Life only suggest you to survive better Life in the best possible manner. It suggests to enrich your Life with diversity.

Osho Teaches To Be Human

What does Osho teach? What can Osho do? Answer is simple. Osho may change your life, if you change your attitude of life. Osho says that everybody should enjoy every moment of life too much without wait. If you want to weep, then only weep and weep. If you want to laugh then only laugh to the full. If you want to love, then only love. If you want to hate, then only hate. Like so either be happy or sad. But do everything untill you earn satisfaction without hurting others. I used to think what is the meaning of such things. But in later I realized – if you hesitate to do anything out of ego or fear, then it torments you. But if you do what you want then your inner voice alerts you. Your Ego works properly. It purify your soul and helps to be a human. Osho teaches to be human. Really Osho offers a way of life of positive thinking. Even your risk may improve your life. There is nothing in life which may stay for forever. So in this uncertainty everybody should go ahead with risk and adventure. Life is only life.

Might Is Right

Once again time has proved that Might is right. You may fight in full energy for justice, but you’ll be also a winner- be not so sure if you are fighting against the chair. Because in which moment they feel failureness in their capacity in the same moment they imply power of unfair means. It may be possible that truth may win later. But what about the troubles which come to crush the person. Due to today’s decision I am shocked that how a lady officer has been transferred to a far flung state of India while a male officer has been transferred only 50 kms far from working station in the same state. Matter of transfer came as a minister was also in the very troubled water. Even government didn’t entertain the matter or minister and punished a lady to supress the matter. Who will give justice while our system is already trying to survive anyhow. Ego plays a big role in any enemity or inhumanity. Simple people does not see any ray of hope for pleasant life. Power is everywhere to create trouble for weaker.

Cynic Pain : How To Deal

Person is nothing but a slave of circumstance. And it is supposed very natural as a person may not be always in position to pick the best choice. Willingly or Unwillingly when a person is traped in a critical situation, it seems very tough to come out. Impossible is nothing but wise persons like to bow down instead of facing too much rough air. As one day this rough air has to disappear. It may be possible that for long there is no hope but every night has morning. And where is matter of Life- it is nothing but Ego. Person earns trouble by thinking to a point only. While lots of points are crying for attention. Never limit yourself. Try to ignore pain & earn pleasure. Cynic persons are not liked. So try to enjoy Environment, Party, Nature, Fashion, & more. Think for creativity instead of destruction. As destruction pays you back in destruction only and creativity fills you with satisfaction and pleasure. Your jolly mood vibes circumstance. Its better to accept creativity and say bye to Cynic Pain. Do you?

Love And Life

Leo Buscagila says,” Love is Life. And if you miss Love, you miss Life”. Either be poem, song, drama, film, story, novel, or gossip, everywhere love is liked. Love may attracts young blood but it gives sense of pleasure to the person of every age without thinking about caste, colour, religion, gender, or nation. Everywhere feeling runs in the same degree. With time taste & style may vary. It is also unique that love is good for literature & entertainment in any form but worse for the real life. Love in real life does not only breaks the barrier of custom, religion, caste, colour, nation, & gender but also the Ego, prestige and unity of family and society. In one hand love is the cause of creation of this world while due to selfishness it is the cause of destruction of this beautiful heaven. While in peace, alone or in party everywhere everybody enjoys the environment of love. Anger & frustration is also the result of deprivation of love. Depression is nothing but a demand of love and care.Love is the choice.

Train Journey And Life

Train Journey has become essential part of my life. I enjoy it in my happiness, sorrow, adventure or in fun. Sitting to window or door is my first choice. I have learnt lots of lesson in train journey. Experienced several types of human beings, their feelings, and reactions to the situation. Adjustment & cooperation play a vital role to increase confidence. Train presents a new world where not only station gets changed with time but also passengers, hawkers, voice & scene, language and culture as well. Every moment and natural beauty try to stimulate the mind. New concern & contact even develop such a relation, which transforms into long life. It gives a chance to think about life – for what are you crying? For what are you runnin g after wealth while your life is nothing after a destination? For what are you nourishing your Ego? With a little loss you become under the cloud of frustration while a handicap is earning a livelihood for his family in crowdy train.Do you still think that its only a train journey?