Estranged! Yes she is Estranged. Too much Beautyful, no one can ignore to steal a glance of her appearence. Even she is enjoying her Life. She is independent and a Teacher by profession. She does not only belong to a prestigious family but her husband is also a high ranked officer in Nationalised Bank. She had fought with Estranged husband only over a trivial matter. She had exposed Ego as a great scholar of University and can’t simply obey the suggestion of her Husband. Husband experienced it as his Ignorence. Husband was emotionally hurted, so he wanted to show his superiority and took some action. Situation went to the worst situation. Matter went to Family Court as Dowry and Divorce Case. Estranged Husband wanted to be free on this matter with Divorce. But Family Court went in favour of her and her marriage got saved. After all these things Husband is alone in a Metro city, and she is enjoying her Teaching Profession. None is much happy nor enjoying Life in whole sense. But her attitude proved Estranged.


Marriage At 25

Jitan Ram Manjhi has expressed his view that Marriage should be at 25. This statement is significant in several ways. First of all now Child Marriage has declined rapidly due to Education and awareness. Even in town or in urban area average Age of Marriage is about to 30. Due to early Marriage it does not only influence the health of a girl but also harass her mentally, physically and emotionally. Due to immaturity she has to suffer a lot besides her children and family. But on the other hand Divorce Cases are increasing in all the Family Court of India as due to Education or Ego nobody is ready to compromise with circumstance. Sometimes due to a little fault of one or both, whole family come to risk. Even girls are taking unusual advantage from everywhere. Even in the name of Woman Empowerment girl side does not hesitate to blackmail boy or his whole family. Now system of Joint Family is going to be matter of past. Now people have to think what they want? Should Marriage be At 25 or not in such situation.