Justice To Delhi Gangrape

Delhi Gangrape case of 16 December 2012, became the most famous and discussed issue of India. After 9 months half justice came here as Death Sentence. Lawyer AP SINGH is going to put the case in High Court & Supreme Court. After that the President of India will take final decision. No doubt due to great mass interest & revolution it became political issue, even Committee was formed to review the case. Perhaps everyone is happy with this Justice except the Victims of Death Sentence. But question arises that only Nirbhaya or Jyoti is the victim of Gangrape in this nation? Several cases have been filed after this incident in different parts of India, but noone was taken as serious, Why? Public always want to know about the future of Rapist Politician, who is occupying the position in the Assembly & Parliament? Even will they be punished or Justice will be handicaped before the Power of chair or money? It may not be denied that all 4 Rapists weren’t of strong background. If court could get success in rest cases!


Ram Singh: Suicide In Jail

Main accused of the most discussed Delhi Gangrape case Ram Singh is no more. It was nothing but suicide as report says. But the fact of torture has not been ignored. Ram Singh may be under tremendous mental agitation due to many reasons, which was reflecting in his abnormal behaviour. Jail Administration had deployed extra sepoys after getting information about threat to his life during case. Outside jail his life was supposed worst due to several facts but inside also he was not enjoying his life in natural way. Perhaps he was losing his spirit under pressure but the behave of others broken him by heart. Some persons may not have sympathy for him but what about the persons who are inside just due to small fault. Indian jails are overcrowded. Law and order is losing their value inside. Criminals are enjoying their life as they wish. And normal victims are victimised by them. Mobile, Win and everything they get inside and rule inside the jail. Outside nothing to say. But who is responsible for these things?

Crime, Government and Public

What is the relation among Crime, Government and Public? As we see Delhi Gangrape of 2012 tried to show that Public is still sensitive. And Justice Verma Committee gave the report. Without any delay UPA Government even tried to implement the recommendations of Justice Verma Committee. But Crime is still increasing in Delhi & outside Delhi. Rape & Gangrape filles are pilling up. Is it mock? What sort of seriousness is in our Society, Goverment or morality? Can we stop crime without controlling the mindset or morality? Even UGC is directing institutions to teach such subjects which may divert the mind of new generation for positive energy. It is said that silence due to fear wants revenge while silence with love wants peace. But in country like India, is it possible? Science report adds Crime is the result of Frustration. And Frustrtion is the result of personal, professional or problem of system. But what can Government do without co-operation of Public? What is Government without Public? Should they think it?