Happiness is a type of Emotional feeling. It adds its value when something unexpected happens with you. It increases your potency of Positive Thinking. Happiness influence over on your physical and mental capacity. You may work with joy in Happiness. Happiness offers you more friends. Happiness can increase your life expectancy. Without Happiness your Life is nothing but a result of hardship. In Happiness you may enjoy lots of knowledge with differnt aspects. If you have no Happiness, chances are more that you’ll be alone just Thinking seriously and lost somewhere in the struggle of Life. You can’t expect yourself in homorous condition. Even doctor suggest Laughing is the best Medicine. So everybody should run after Happiness. Happiness is the secret mystry of Life. Without Happiness in this world nothing is of any value. But we should not run after only Happiness which is earned immoral device. Try everything but always try to save your spirit. Never loose your identity in this illusive world for Happiness.


Playing With Life

She was Playing With Life of a boy. She was successful as nobody could understand her plan. And now boy has been married with a mad woman. Neither she can help anything in his life nor can free him. In the court, laws always go in the favour of girl. She can demand Maintainance Allowance besides partition in his property. She may blame for Domestic Violence or Dowry demand. Even she may not come to court and nobody can compel her to do so. She may demand from Court for free advocate or Adviser. How that boy may come out fro this tragic drama of Life. She has become exploiter at her best. And boy has no option except accept the circumstance. He may go to Court but how can he prove himself right. Even the winning the case is also depends how long she likes to be helpful. While taking any step of violence will put him only inside the Prison. It indicates that in the name of Woman Empowerment girls are exploiting the boys by taking unusual advantage. How long will she play with the life of boy? Playing With Life.

Marriage At 25

Jitan Ram Manjhi has expressed his view that Marriage should be at 25. This statement is significant in several ways. First of all now Child Marriage has declined rapidly due to Education and awareness. Even in town or in urban area average Age of Marriage is about to 30. Due to early Marriage it does not only influence the health of a girl but also harass her mentally, physically and emotionally. Due to immaturity she has to suffer a lot besides her children and family. But on the other hand Divorce Cases are increasing in all the Family Court of India as due to Education or Ego nobody is ready to compromise with circumstance. Sometimes due to a little fault of one or both, whole family come to risk. Even girls are taking unusual advantage from everywhere. Even in the name of Woman Empowerment girl side does not hesitate to blackmail boy or his whole family. Now system of Joint Family is going to be matter of past. Now people have to think what they want? Should Marriage be At 25 or not in such situation.

Kashmir Problem : Nehru and Patel

Jammu and Kashmir Problem has become a great issue in today’s Politics. But it had been solved if Sardar Vallabh bhai Patel had turned down the decision of Pt. Jawahar Lal Nehru. In the very begining Mohan Das Karamchand Gandhi had told Sardar Patel ” Sardar only you can integrate India, which has a lots of diversity.” Patel played a game with all princely states and offered every possible thing to include in India. But Junagarh, Hydrabad and Kashmir was still in indecisive postion. Ruler of Junagarh wanted to go with Pakistan as Shah Nawaz was trying his best. But Military march and tactis of Patel compelled to be part of India. Again Hydrabad became matter of bargain as Pakistan said keep Hydrabad and give Kashmir. But loosing of Hydrabad means Independence of India became under threat. Mount bettan and Nehru refused to take any military action. But as acting PM Patel ordered for Military March. Patel was also thinking same thing for Kashmir but Nehru was much annoyed and put the matter before UN.

Lesson Of Life

Do you know Lesson Of Life? Lesson Of Life is recognised as Experience of Life. Every Human Being is struggling in every moment of Life somewhere anyhow. Some are creating problems out of Ego while others are victim of circumstance. Sometimes it breaks a person to take Life of self or others without thinking anything. But taken action in haste prove you wrong or it became such a tragic loss which can’t be recovered. Lesson of Life compels you to think before act, check your Ego, and keep patience. But all emotions burst at the last point where Frustration has grown up to the climax. And its very tough to control the Emotion of Frustration, which leads to the destruction. All knowledge get over under tormenting Emotion. But oly Emotion may not control your Life. Your thinking capacity also play a great role. But the adjustment between Emotion and Reason is essence of Life. Your Lesson of Life only suggest you to survive better Life in the best possible manner. It suggests to enrich your Life with diversity.

Smart Lady

She was very beautiful and she knew how to use her smart mind to take due advantage. She never hesitated to speak loudly before public to get all attetion. She smartly always played such leading role in her drama of life that nobody could ignore her. When she came in college life, limelight became her essence. But due to several reasons instead of her classmates she pick a lecturer as lover. She fulfilled all her dream of enjoying celebraty life with him. As Lecturer was rich and dreamy to earn everything in a single life. Lecturer was not married but also had two sons. But in the influence of her beauty Lecturer forgot all responsibilities and moral duties. If he could remember anything it was only her love and a life of successful person. Lastly Lecturer left his family including mother, father, wife, son and all property. In new house Lecturer was only enjoying his profession besides politics with his beautiful new wife. Nobody raised any question. As Smart Lady used to say- Its my personal Life.

Mad Woman In Train

As the Bagh Express arrived Samastipur Junction, a mad woman entered into the compartment. She walked randomly seat to seat and tried to sit somewhere. But no one allowed her to sit nearby. Even she was scolded and directed to go out of train. However she placed herself near the entrance gate. Everyone was just observing her activity and commenting about her circumstance and condition. Suddenly a young girl rose from the first berth and gave a new towel on the body of mad woman. She even clipped the towel so well that it may not fall anywhere. Mad Woman was just looking her. Train now moved ahead to Muzaffarpur. As Train reached to Dholi, someone snatched the towel from the Mad Woman. And she was in the same position, just looking in the direction of towel snatcher… Its life, where nobody can so sympathy but god has given hand to snatch anythinh even from a Mad Woman.