Rahul Gandhi’s Maiden Speech : Expression Of Pressure

Rahul Gandhi tried to make his Maiden Speech personal, emotional & inspirational. Even he pointed out – what is the meaning of power in the eye of Sonia Gandhi. But these things don’t work in politics for long. Whole world knows the tragic history of Gandhi Family. It is known to all that even Sonia Gandhi has not come in Politics willingly. Yes some germs of politics may be in Priyanka Gandhi & Rahul Gandhi. Congressians are using their name as they know their capacity. But noone should miss the points raised by Rahul Gandhi as Vice President. He has told about the need of change in working system of Congress Party. He wants to make his party powerful. He wants to prepare maximum number of candidates for CM & PM. He wants candidate for every post from the grass root workers. Where it shows the inefficiency of Congress Party there it also shows – How much Gandhi Family is under pressure & wants to be free from the burden by creating an army of leaders. But will it be easy for Rahul Gandhi in coming time?


Rahul Gandhi lost the post of Prime Minister

Rahul Gandhi lost the post of Prime Minister of India. Yes it is true that Rahul Gandhi had a chance to be the Prime Minister of India, when UPA came in majority twice. First time Sonia Gandhi was projected for this post, but gently she denied it. Even it was supposed good as BJP and others were against her.Everyone saluted Sonia Gandhi for this sacrifice. But we should not forget that Sonia Gandhi was never in favour of politics. We should not forget that when Rajeev Gandhi was going to be considered for the post after the death of Indira Gandhi, Sonia Gandhi had tried to convince him for refusal. But Rajeev Gandhi went against her wish. After a long time she accepted the chair of President on great request.So it can’t be denied that Rahul may have been convinced not to be the part of government inside. And now while scenario is changed. Next term for Congress is about to impossible. And when Rahul Gandhi and family have been included in the game of scam.It seems Election 2014will not give him this post.