Kashmir Problem : Nehru and Patel

Jammu and Kashmir Problem has become a great issue in today’s Politics. But it had been solved if Sardar Vallabh bhai Patel had turned down the decision of Pt. Jawahar Lal Nehru. In the very begining Mohan Das Karamchand Gandhi had told Sardar Patel ” Sardar only you can integrate India, which has a lots of diversity.” Patel played a game with all princely states and offered every possible thing to include in India. But Junagarh, Hydrabad and Kashmir was still in indecisive postion. Ruler of Junagarh wanted to go with Pakistan as Shah Nawaz was trying his best. But Military march and tactis of Patel compelled to be part of India. Again Hydrabad became matter of bargain as Pakistan said keep Hydrabad and give Kashmir. But loosing of Hydrabad means Independence of India became under threat. Mount bettan and Nehru refused to take any military action. But as acting PM Patel ordered for Military March. Patel was also thinking same thing for Kashmir but Nehru was much annoyed and put the matter before UN.


How did Manjhi become CM ?

How did Manjhi become CM of Bihar? Did Dr. Ram Vachan Rai play game of mind? MLC Dr. Ram Vachan Rai used to prepare Political resolution and others as Think Tank and as close confident of RJD supremo Lalu Prasad Yadav, when he was MLC & state general secretary of RJD. It is also said that Dr. Ram Vachan Rai had given first suggestion to Lalu Prasad Yadav to appoint Smt. Rabari Devi as CM of Bihar with logic that noone will be able to oppose the lady CM. Unity in side the party will be safe. Lalu Prasad Yadav will be able to rule indirectly, able to earn facilities and will be in the position to show his capacity. Perhaps Dr. Ram Vachan Rai has again used his master mind to appoint Jitan Ram Manjhi as the CM of Bihar by convincing that noone will be able to oppose easily due to vote bank policy. Even unity in the party can be controlled. Nitish Kumar will be able to show his sacrifice, able to rule indirectly. Nitish will be able to fight freely with opposing party with new tricks. Ram Vachan Rai knows to do.

Man And Politics

Salman Rushdie had said that man is a political animal by birth. But he is not wrong. Nobody is on this Earth, who does not talk about Politics or Policy of government. Everybody tries to interpret every decision in their full capacity. But it does not mean that everybody becomes Politician. In social sense, active person in Politis is known as Politician. But some times Politics is not just attached with the work of government, but it is also treated as tricks & cleverness, which is always taken in negative sense. Office Politics is different from the Politics of formation of government. But no any office is left where decision of government is not discussed. Even in train, bus, party, social group and on any public spot you may observe it. Not only literate or service class but also illiterate and labour class take especial interest in such poliy or decision gossip. While they know that they can’t do better with such gossips except wasting their time. But it is also a truth that such gossips make awareness.

Arvind Kejriwal : Chief Minister Of Delhi

Arvind Kejriwal is going to be the Chief Minister of Delhi in coming days. This boy of Haryana may never have dreamt about this historic day even after resigning IRS. Earlier he had completed Engineering course in IIT, but now he is trying very hard to purify the Politics. When Congress and others challenged Anna Hazare & Kejriwal during India Against Corruption movement then Kejriwal established AAM AADMI PARTY (AAP) on 26 Dec 2012. Attack over Kejriwal in different forms is going on and hope the same for future. Even after lots of criticism Kejriwal is working very carefully. How much success will he get? – it is matter of wait & watch. But everyone is now accepting that rise of Kejriwal is giving a new dimension to Politics. It is very early to say that Kejriwal may change the whole scenario but surely have got a solid space in the history of Indian Politics. And his every is going to present a historic example in Indian Politics. We should be hopeful for the betterment in his hand.

Might Is Right

Once again time has proved that Might is right. You may fight in full energy for justice, but you’ll be also a winner- be not so sure if you are fighting against the chair. Because in which moment they feel failureness in their capacity in the same moment they imply power of unfair means. It may be possible that truth may win later. But what about the troubles which come to crush the person. Due to today’s decision I am shocked that how a lady officer has been transferred to a far flung state of India while a male officer has been transferred only 50 kms far from working station in the same state. Matter of transfer came as a minister was also in the very troubled water. Even government didn’t entertain the matter or minister and punished a lady to supress the matter. Who will give justice while our system is already trying to survive anyhow. Ego plays a big role in any enemity or inhumanity. Simple people does not see any ray of hope for pleasant life. Power is everywhere to create trouble for weaker.

Nitish Lost Game Of Congress

Congress Party played a great game, which is realized by Nitish Kumar now. But it is too late to rectify. When he was demanding Special Status, whole Bihar was with him. But when Raghuram Rajan submitted his report Special Status became secondary matter. Nitish announced – he’ll support those, who’ll give Special Status. Indirectly wanted to leave BJP or NDA and join UPA. He welcomed P. Chidambaram in Patna by heart. Even Ashok Choudhry came in favour of JDU on several occasions. But defeat in four states in Election 2013 compelled congress to think again. No doubt Congress is going to face Election 2014 with RJD in Bihar by sidelining JDU, who has lost all faith. Even its very hard for Nitish to manage 4-5 seats in Election 2014. Due to Patna Bombblast Congress got an opportunity to keep Nitish under pressure. Sushil Kumar Shinde wrote letter to express party’s intention. Now Nitish Kumar is trying to save his own boat, but chances are very less that Lalu Prasad Yadav or Narendra Modi will give him chance.

Narendra Modi : A Political Giant

Narendra Modi or Namo has become a Political Giant in Indian Politics. Before a decade Namo was nothing but a soldier of RSS & BJP’s Chief Minister of Gujarat. But Godhara Accident defamed him in the whole world. But at the end of Atal Era Namo came in light. First of all he was opposed by Lal Krishna Advani & others inside the party. But he earned popularity. After a huge success in Gujarat Election third time, he started to take a shape of a Giant. Nitish Kumar of JDU even broke the 17yrs relation with BJP. Even Congress led UPA & others never leave a single hole to defame him. Even the programme of President of India was fixed of 26-27 October 2013 to disturb the proposed Hunkar Rally on 27-10-2013 in Gandhi Maidan, Patna, but in the last moment on request President shortened his visit. Every act of opposing party is offering popularity to Narendra Modi & making him such a political Giant that