How did Manjhi become CM ?

How did Manjhi become CM of Bihar? Did Dr. Ram Vachan Rai play game of mind? MLC Dr. Ram Vachan Rai used to prepare Political resolution and others as Think Tank and as close confident of RJD supremo Lalu Prasad Yadav, when he was MLC & state general secretary of RJD. It is also said that Dr. Ram Vachan Rai had given first suggestion to Lalu Prasad Yadav to appoint Smt. Rabari Devi as CM of Bihar with logic that noone will be able to oppose the lady CM. Unity in side the party will be safe. Lalu Prasad Yadav will be able to rule indirectly, able to earn facilities and will be in the position to show his capacity. Perhaps Dr. Ram Vachan Rai has again used his master mind to appoint Jitan Ram Manjhi as the CM of Bihar by convincing that noone will be able to oppose easily due to vote bank policy. Even unity in the party can be controlled. Nitish Kumar will be able to show his sacrifice, able to rule indirectly. Nitish will be able to fight freely with opposing party with new tricks. Ram Vachan Rai knows to do.


Dr. Ram Vachan Rai

Dr. Ram Vachan Rai is going to be the new face of Cabinet Minister in the coming expansion of Jitan Ram Manjhi Cabinet in Bihar. Even Ex-CM Nitish Kumar is showing keen interest in replacing the present President of Bihar Vidhan Parishad with Dr. Ram Vachan Rai due to several reasons. Dr. Ram Vachan Rai is known as eminent scholar and Retired Professor of Hindi Literature of Patna University. Before joining JDU on 11 July 2011, he served RJD for 14 yrs. He was MLC, General Secretary as well as think tank and close confident of Lalu Prasad Yadav. He resigned from RJD in December 2010 on the ground of bad health. While Rai joined as State Vice President of JDU and enjoyed lots of facilities. In September 2012, Rai was promoted as the Chairmain of BIHAR STATE PUBLIC LIBRARYAND INFORMATION CENTER AUTHORITY, as Cabinet Minister. On 26 May 2014 he took oath again as MLC as Nitish Kumar had promised as welcome in JDU. Now he is no more Chairman of Authority. In this old age he is living with his 2nd wife in Patna.

Ram Temple : Election Issue

Ram Temple has been an issue for every election since 1990. And BJP has earned & lost many things due to this. This time, while Political Giant Narendra Modi has sidelined this issue, however several tried to raise this issue. Even Muzaffarnagar riot became hot cake & it was said that this riot was for vote. But lastly Akhilesh Yadav of SP opened his mouth that he is planning to build Ram Temple in Ayodhya like Somnath Temple. For this purpose meeting is organised on 14-10-2013. We should not forget that recently Mulayam Singh Yadav has told about Third Front after Election. Suprising point comes – why SP took such a turn? While the same government had ordered for firing years ago? Trying to attract the vote of Hindu? Has Mulayam Singh felt the power of Narendra Modi & extending his hands for friendship? Even CBI has closed the file of BSP supremo Mayawati. If SP has chosen this topic out of frustration or to divert the mind of public to hide his weakness? What is truth? Surely it will clear in coming time.

Narendra Modi : A Political Giant

Narendra Modi or Namo has become a Political Giant in Indian Politics. Before a decade Namo was nothing but a soldier of RSS & BJP’s Chief Minister of Gujarat. But Godhara Accident defamed him in the whole world. But at the end of Atal Era Namo came in light. First of all he was opposed by Lal Krishna Advani & others inside the party. But he earned popularity. After a huge success in Gujarat Election third time, he started to take a shape of a Giant. Nitish Kumar of JDU even broke the 17yrs relation with BJP. Even Congress led UPA & others never leave a single hole to defame him. Even the programme of President of India was fixed of 26-27 October 2013 to disturb the proposed Hunkar Rally on 27-10-2013 in Gandhi Maidan, Patna, but in the last moment on request President shortened his visit. Every act of opposing party is offering popularity to Narendra Modi & making him such a political Giant that

Right To Reject

Supreme Court of India has once again tried to cleanse the Electoral System, with a historical judgement of Right to Reject on 27 September 2013. Even every party has welcomed it, but inside nothing is hidden. Few days ago when this court had tried to prevent criminal minded persons to contest Election, then UPA government went against it with a new ordinance to The President as corrupt leaders are only in Congress. But this time Election Commission has been directed to include negative voting by allowing voters to select none among the options with a button while in earlier person had to file up form 17A. Unfortunately this work will be completed with the cooperation of Government while time bound is not given. No doubt Selfish & Corrupt leaders will like to continue their job. And how much people use it with awareness. But we should hope for better. If Right to Reject get implemented in quick then we may also hope for Right to Recall. This empowerment of voter will change the scene which started in 2005.

Nitish And Lalu : No Difference

Nitish kumar always says that he has done a lots of work in Bihar. Even the work is discussed in foreign. If he is right, why is Lalu prasad yadav wrong? Lalu Prasad Yadav had also performed in his best capacity not only in Bihar, but also as a Railway Minister. Railway was earning so much benefits that Lalu Prasad Yadav used to visit the foreign countries or Universities to deliver the Success Mantra. But after a decade, what is the ground reality of Railway? Why it became so essential to hike fare several times in a year? Public is openly saying that Nitish kumar has managed media, which was also marked by Katju. He is trying for getting fame everywhere just with media by ignoring the real problems of Bihar. Even he is working with Corrupt Leaders of RJD. Exploitation and Crime is increasing in every sense. Now noone hesitates to say that Nitish kumar has lost himself so always calls Mad to every opposing leader. Mainly he is losing popularity due to fight with Narendra Modi for the chair of Prime Minister.

India China Pakistan And Peace In Asia

India, China and Pakistan are the most significant country to create peace in Asia. If we look back within six months, we find that Pakistan was ready for war as they killed two Indian Army in Jammu and Kashmir. While China had entered into Leh, Ladakh for 15 kms. But anyhow matter got settled. Just after these incidents Prime Minister of Pakistan & Prime Minister of China got changed. Even Prime Minister of China not only visited India but also signed on several agreements. While Next Prime Minister of Pakistan Nawaz Sharif want to invite Indian PM on his oath ceremoney and has assured for the better relationship. Afghanistan, Japan, & America are also in the touch of India regarding Peace or Investment in different sectors. No doubt Value of India has increased in this context but should not be so inert that Pakistan, China, & Bangla Desh may create problem at a time due to any reason. If all are going for Peace than nothing may be better than this that Asia will be the most Peaceful region. Hope for Peace.