Nitish Lost Game Of Congress

Congress Party played a great game, which is realized by Nitish Kumar now. But it is too late to rectify. When he was demanding Special Status, whole Bihar was with him. But when Raghuram Rajan submitted his report Special Status became secondary matter. Nitish announced – he’ll support those, who’ll give Special Status. Indirectly wanted to leave BJP or NDA and join UPA. He welcomed P. Chidambaram in Patna by heart. Even Ashok Choudhry came in favour of JDU on several occasions. But defeat in four states in Election 2013 compelled congress to think again. No doubt Congress is going to face Election 2014 with RJD in Bihar by sidelining JDU, who has lost all faith. Even its very hard for Nitish to manage 4-5 seats in Election 2014. Due to Patna Bombblast Congress got an opportunity to keep Nitish under pressure. Sushil Kumar Shinde wrote letter to express party’s intention. Now Nitish Kumar is trying to save his own boat, but chances are very less that Lalu Prasad Yadav or Narendra Modi will give him chance.


Ram Temple : Election Issue

Ram Temple has been an issue for every election since 1990. And BJP has earned & lost many things due to this. This time, while Political Giant Narendra Modi has sidelined this issue, however several tried to raise this issue. Even Muzaffarnagar riot became hot cake & it was said that this riot was for vote. But lastly Akhilesh Yadav of SP opened his mouth that he is planning to build Ram Temple in Ayodhya like Somnath Temple. For this purpose meeting is organised on 14-10-2013. We should not forget that recently Mulayam Singh Yadav has told about Third Front after Election. Suprising point comes – why SP took such a turn? While the same government had ordered for firing years ago? Trying to attract the vote of Hindu? Has Mulayam Singh felt the power of Narendra Modi & extending his hands for friendship? Even CBI has closed the file of BSP supremo Mayawati. If SP has chosen this topic out of frustration or to divert the mind of public to hide his weakness? What is truth? Surely it will clear in coming time.

India China Pakistan And Peace In Asia

India, China and Pakistan are the most significant country to create peace in Asia. If we look back within six months, we find that Pakistan was ready for war as they killed two Indian Army in Jammu and Kashmir. While China had entered into Leh, Ladakh for 15 kms. But anyhow matter got settled. Just after these incidents Prime Minister of Pakistan & Prime Minister of China got changed. Even Prime Minister of China not only visited India but also signed on several agreements. While Next Prime Minister of Pakistan Nawaz Sharif want to invite Indian PM on his oath ceremoney and has assured for the better relationship. Afghanistan, Japan, & America are also in the touch of India regarding Peace or Investment in different sectors. No doubt Value of India has increased in this context but should not be so inert that Pakistan, China, & Bangla Desh may create problem at a time due to any reason. If all are going for Peace than nothing may be better than this that Asia will be the most Peaceful region. Hope for Peace.

Rahul Gandhi lost the post of Prime Minister

Rahul Gandhi lost the post of Prime Minister of India. Yes it is true that Rahul Gandhi had a chance to be the Prime Minister of India, when UPA came in majority twice. First time Sonia Gandhi was projected for this post, but gently she denied it. Even it was supposed good as BJP and others were against her.Everyone saluted Sonia Gandhi for this sacrifice. But we should not forget that Sonia Gandhi was never in favour of politics. We should not forget that when Rajeev Gandhi was going to be considered for the post after the death of Indira Gandhi, Sonia Gandhi had tried to convince him for refusal. But Rajeev Gandhi went against her wish. After a long time she accepted the chair of President on great request.So it can’t be denied that Rahul may have been convinced not to be the part of government inside. And now while scenario is changed. Next term for Congress is about to impossible. And when Rahul Gandhi and family have been included in the game of scam.It seems Election 2014will not give him this post.

Arvind Kejriwal:Losing Popularity

Arvind Kejriwal is losing popularity. It is a fact that for earning reputation, have to struggle hard but for losing your one mistake is enough. Even BJP Leader Sushma Swaraj told – “Which hype was created for BJP President Nitin Gadkari, nothing came in the same”. Kejriwal should not forget that how Baba Ramdev became significant figure for all,but a minor mistake proved him a joker. Even Anna Hazare could not get support from Public in later.Actually man is a mixture of mistakes & none may be proved chargeless in whole personal life. And no one may be interested in personal affair of any. Kejriwal should raise voice for immense issue. It is very tough to change the System over night. Can Kejriwal even prove that only honest persons are in his team and none is trying to steal a chance for gaining limelight? While he has announced for his political party, everyone is alert and expecting nothing more than their experience. So Arvind Kejriwal will lose the popularity very soon, if not get alert before the time.

Game of Khemka and Vadra

IAS Officer Ashok Khemka, who is serving in Haryana, has been transfered.And news of transfer took a fire in the street of politics.Because khemka was dealing high-profile land scam of Vadra.Arvind kejriwal was already saying that noone can investigate this case honestly as UPA government is in support of son-in-law of Sonia Gandhi.Even rain of scam has made them shameless.Many leaders are facing charge and they are trying to save each other.Government is saying that transfer has been made due to court order,while Khemka is denying.What is the reality?But 40 transfers in 21years also indicate something.Once Indian Home Minister P. Chidambaram had told in DGP’s conference that officers should not be treated like political football.It is enough to know the position of IAS.While lots of examples are ready to prove -how IAS gets transfer on the desire at the time of election and in personal need.But what to do?Who will improve the situation?This is also a game of khemka and Vadra like past?People have to suffer?