Happiness And Pain

Happiness and Pain.In Happiness sometimes people make lots of mistake which is the main cause of Pain. First of all person only recalls the significant persons of Life. Generally he tries to call every dear ones. But sometimes due to some inner conflicts or situation or Ego he tries to exclude some at some cost. But Ignorent person does not think about the circumstance, and out of Ego just blame. Really in Ignorence pain penetrates Emotion badly. Even this feeling comes to the worst if someone is going to enjoy the Happiness. Pain does not hurt physically but it affects Mental and Emotional health. With the passage of time it torments physical health as well. While Happiness leads in Positive direction. Happiness, Sorrow or Pain are like part of same coin. Nobody can say that he has always enjoyed only Happiness or Pain to the bottom of heart. So a person should keep his/her mind cool and control. As your Bad Temper may risk your whole Life. Therefore never a person should be lost either in Happiness or Pain.


Patience And Courage May Change Your Life

Patience and courage may change your life. But people neither like to keep patience nor courage. With a little problem we become tense, and try to get attention. Even our disappointment or depression leads us to the end of our life. While life is more than these odd incidents. Love, Separation, Disease, Scold, Fight, Handicap or else may divert your mind. But with the passage of time everything became cure. After suffering pain, a person learns value of even small things in life. It makes a person to be satisfied that you are not alone in this world to suffer. There are many more in worse condition and they are leading their life in the best way. You may be suffering a lot, but try to share hope & smile. No one may offer you sympathy for long. So try to change your life in your own way. Don’t be worried for those – which are not in your hand. Never think much for future. Expectation is root cause of all pain. Never think for returning. But you’ll get something in return surely. Keep patience & courage to do.

A Single Moment May Change Your Life

A Single Moment may change your whole Life. And this single moment is very unknown to you. Even after hard labour you’ll not be able to know if your work will offer prize or punishment. Lord Krishna says – Just work and work without thinking about its result. Truly you earn what you deserve. So don’t be disappointed. What do you earn after expressing your anger or frustration? Hardly words of sympathy, which is known as more valuable than gold in pain. But do you expect the same? And for how long? Happiness offers you smile and pleasant environment, where you may enjoy company of friends. You may learn new ideas. But in depression chances are more that you’ll earn negativity. Positive Energy keeps you warm in every aspect. Due to any event you heart may become so sensitive that you may change your life pattern. It may be for excellent cause. So everybody should work with positive energy in positive direction to get the moment. What is our life more than this? Try to transform your life for good cause. Do you?

Life And Problem

Can you say about a person – who has never faced any sort of Problem in his Life ? No. Certainly not. As struggle is the name of life. It doesn’t check your Patience but also offers two ways to think – either positive or negative. If you go with narrow mind – then surely you’ll end up your life for a little valueless thing. Your life is the most precious thing on this Earth. With life you may experience the differences and uniqueness available in this nature. You may become ideal person of several. Nobody wants to come out from Comfort Zone, but it provides lots of challenge & pleasure. With patience everything becomes possible & you may handle difficult to difficult problem. Any problem may keep you under pressure, but this pressure can be reduced to the Earth with delay. If delay doesn’t work then proper quickness is required. It is also a truth that every hurdle adds power in your stamina if you are positive otherwise…. Life always conveys message to walk and walk over every problem. And we should do it.

Be Practical

Be Practical. It is said that for being a successful person – have to be practical. But what is the meaning of “Be Practical”? Some say- it is nothing but control of Emotion. Means there is no time to cry or think for pain. Never treat yourself as a Human Being. Because only Machine can work even as insensitve. Reports say – about to all Successful person has shown their cruel form in decisive moment. Even William Shakespeare once wrote-“Be cruel for kindness”. But once surely should think- What is the real meaning of cited sentence. In this world nothing is impossible but controlling the Emotion is the toughest job in this Universe. If you want to be a Successful Person then have to practice it. It can be gained if you keep yourself much busy. If you enjoy the every moment of present. If you accept the cruelty of time and life. Just keep in mind- have to go ahead. Nothing is there to betray you. Your aim is only your life & you are surviving only for it. No any relation or responsibility may betray you.


In life several times we react to situation or person in very bad temper. Even Frustration or Depression compels us to do so. But in real, Is there need to do so? Frustration comes if our Expectation does not meet to the desired goal. But once we must think- What is ours? Can anyone decide in which family he is going to take birth? Can he control his own growth or colour? Can he delay his own death? If no, then what is right with us to expect anything from anybody? Actually our expectation is root cause of all problems. We are unable to control our thinking. If we do that is to blame someone or something or to the self for any incident. Being as a Human being, its very natural. But we should not attach ourself in such degree of sensitivity which may cause mental pain. Success comes with effort but how much potency is required, we should also consider for this. We may be happy in Life if we follow the Universal words of Lord Krishna in Bhagwad Geeta. As it reveals the truth of Human Life. Life is to enjoy.

Who Is Teacher ?

Who is Teacher? Teacher is not only a person who teaches us but every living and non-living thing is Teacher, which gives us any lesson, lesson of life, inspiration & motivation. Even Pt. Jawahar Lal Nehru used to write to Indira Gandhi – If she wants to learn then try to learn from Nature. Truly Nature is the great Teacher & every creature earns some knowledge by experience & experiment. As noone is perfect in this world so noone should hesitate to experiment, as no any win or lose is final. Great persons are only those, who collects courage to fight back to back and welcome every challenge with smile. It is also said that every problem teaches us some lesson & in this way, this is such a Teacher which is for whole life and always test our Patience, Courage, Morality, Honesty & Humanity.Person is rewarded with Prize or Punishment.No doubt our parents & others are our Teachers, who teach us in home, school, college or anywhere in a limited period but Time teaches us till the bed of death.So try to learn only.