Mobile Causes Tension

Mobile causes Tension a lot – it’s truth. Everyone will be agree that Science has given lots of facilities and it has added several colours in our life. Specially Mobile has become such a part of life, that no any other device of Communication may be compared with it. With such a small device we can not only communicate in near or far-flung areas but also with the help of Internet and Android we can enjoy life in every aspect. But it deviates our concentration. Due to Mobile many road accidents and other incidents are increasing. If Mobile gives awareness as well as alertness but it increases Tension in several circumstances. Not only in Examination Hall but also on the other spaces it causes troubles. If there is need of silence, then ring of the Mobile Causes Tension a lot. What do you think about Mobile Tension?


Teenagers Dependency On Mobile

Teenagers Dependency On Mobile is increasing day by day. According to a new survey more than 90% Teenagers have their own Mobile. Even Parents try to convince that in this Techno Era you can’t imagine Teenagers without Mobile and Laptop. But we should not forget the addiction of Mobile, which is very harmful Physically, Mentally, Economically and Emotionally. No doubt in Techno Era Mobile and other Electronic Gadgets are the Window to the world of Knowledge. But in these days these things are only for misuse. Several sorts of Health Hazards have been alarmed. Mobile operators are also presenting schemes to spoil the Life of Teenagers. With Smart Phones Teenagers are spending their maximum time on Facebook & Twitter. But can they share its productivity? The most worst thing is that Mobile is used in these days for destructiveness. Teenagers are victimised always but Parents are not ready to accept their fault. But can anyone say where will this world be – if Teenagers Dependency On Mobile will be increasing?