नया ब्लॉग

आप साहित्य से जुङने के लिए hindishabdjaal.blogspot.com पर आमंत्रित हैं। आप यहाँ कहानी, लघुकथा, रपट, साक्षात्कार एवं आलेख आदि का आनंद ले सकते हैं. धन्यवाद।


Story And Life

What is relation between Story and Life? Answer is as easy as tough it depens only to the interpreter – how does he interpret. Frankly Story and Life may not be separated. If life is the base of story, then story is the inspiration for the life. Story may interpret our life in any manner and to the any extent. If someone may earn pleasure in the struggle of life then it may also offer mystery of life and several possible solutions to the problem. If life has offered any problem then it is not meaningless or baseless. If may have been testing patience or talent, which may prove beneficial for story or life as inspiration. Problem either break you or build you. It may encourage or discourage. Any writer does nothing but tries to understand the problem with different aspect and imagine for possible solution & circumstance. If you are sensitive then your heart may melt to weep or filled with joy, which is the real aim or success of a writer. Story is nothing but slices of life and life is collection of slices.

Beauty, Love And Life

She was so lovely and beautiful at that time, when a professor fall in her love. Her stubborness made everyone to bow down before her decision as she had been brought up in much love and care. She was happy that she was love of great scholar and critics of Hindi Literature. Even she started her life as Programme Coordinator in Deepayatan just for Rs. 1640/- pay scale. But quickly she got a chance to teach in Arvind Mahila College, Patna. But her luck pull her in Magadh Mahila College as Associate Professor of Hindi Department. But in aloneness she experiences lots of pain as neither she is enjoying love of her husband or any member of large family. Even she is issueless. She passes her time with writing works and Newspaper & Magazines. In these days, after realizing the truth of life she is just writing, writing and writing. Her several books are decorating market, Hindi Literature & Libraries of India. Really after her there will be noone to weep except readers.But her hidden pain of Indu comes in writing.

How To Write Blog, Story, Poem, Drama

How To Write Blog, Story, Poem, Drama or any piece of work of art. Its a tough question for every Writer. As whenever we sit to write, mind gets confused. But it is very easy if you have nose for theme. In this world you have lots of theme to write in every incident. You to identify the angle in which you want to frame your work. Your Blog, Story or Poem may get popularity if you earn capacity to add universality with quality & quantity. Style of Writing also attracts attention of reader. If your diction or selection of word is apt then you’ll go easily. Presentation with fact & sincerity offers a lot. Writing is collection of words but it has proper significance. We should be economical. Propr Title of Blog, Story, Poem, Drama etc reveals the gist of content. Diary Writing is also a type of self expression but it should be of some value with appeal. Even you should be aware about the taste of reader for whom you are writing. Writing is fun & passion. You may earn fame if you take it with sincerity.Follow it.


In these days Characterless persons are enjoying their life as they already have lost morality. It is said- if you have lost health or wealth then you may regain but once lost character means lost everything. But situation seems reverse. Characterless persons are getting position of MLA, MLC, MP, Chairman, Cabinet Ministers & else. With money you may earn life time membership of any society or committee. You may be representative of state & nation to attend seminars & conferences in different parts of the world. Its not enough. You may also secure many prestigeous awards for several things without taking much pain. Even any raising voice will be crushed with the power of politics, Even the life of Saint & Spiritual persons are revealing truth. Memorable point is only that you must have to favour only ruling party anyhow otherwise you may be victim of CBI or else. Even may lose your life in any road accident or else.Now what do you think-which one is great money or character?


Ego is essential part of our life and which is the only cause of all sorts of evil or destruction. Ego is like a bone which makes us straight. Egoist is always found in revolutionary action. Noone can easily blame him for any fault or will have dance on the tune of Egoist. While Egoless persons are found somewhere surviving in peace. Egoless persons never like to argue much. Egoist rule and Egoless is ruled in the system. For being a successful person Balanced Ego is essential. Don’t be Egoist or Egoless to hurt self. Even Colin Powell says,”Don’t let your ego get too close to your postion, so that if your position gets shot down, your Ego doesn’t go with it”. While Pat Riley adds,” Each warrior wants to leave the mark of his will, signature, on important acts he touches. This is not the voice of Ego but of the human spirit, rising up and declaring that it has something to contribute to the solution of the hardest problems, no matter how vexing”. So its very clear that avoiding Ego is better for survival.

Writer And God

Writer and God have much similarity. Writer is not only a human being but also supposed as God. God creates own world and creatures as a Writer writes a story with an Idea and creates characters as per choice. Same like God, Writer also experiments with characters and circumstance. Every character just smile, weep, run, sleep or act anything as Writer wish. All readers cultivate anger, love, sympathy for the character, but it ends in Happiness or Sorrow as writer has determined. As for every action of construction or destruction, only writer is responsible, so for the world only God is responsible. Nothing is in the hand of reader or creature of this world. When some enjoy reading and leave the matter there only except earning knowledge. Then why should a person cry for any loss or gain? Everyone should be detached with worldly things and should enjoy only the beauty of life without considering much. As experiments of Writer and God confuse everyone. And nothing is for forever either reason or result.