Estranged! Yes she is Estranged. Too much Beautyful, no one can ignore to steal a glance of her appearence. Even she is enjoying her Life. She is independent and a Teacher by profession. She does not only belong to a prestigious family but her husband is also a high ranked officer in Nationalised Bank. She had fought with Estranged husband only over a trivial matter. She had exposed Ego as a great scholar of University and can’t simply obey the suggestion of her Husband. Husband experienced it as his Ignorence. Husband was emotionally hurted, so he wanted to show his superiority and took some action. Situation went to the worst situation. Matter went to Family Court as Dowry and Divorce Case. Estranged Husband wanted to be free on this matter with Divorce. But Family Court went in favour of her and her marriage got saved. After all these things Husband is alone in a Metro city, and she is enjoying her Teaching Profession. None is much happy nor enjoying Life in whole sense. But her attitude proved Estranged.


Playing With Life

She was Playing With Life of a boy. She was successful as nobody could understand her plan. And now boy has been married with a mad woman. Neither she can help anything in his life nor can free him. In the court, laws always go in the favour of girl. She can demand Maintainance Allowance besides partition in his property. She may blame for Domestic Violence or Dowry demand. Even she may not come to court and nobody can compel her to do so. She may demand from Court for free advocate or Adviser. How that boy may come out fro this tragic drama of Life. She has become exploiter at her best. And boy has no option except accept the circumstance. He may go to Court but how can he prove himself right. Even the winning the case is also depends how long she likes to be helpful. While taking any step of violence will put him only inside the Prison. It indicates that in the name of Woman Empowerment girls are exploiting the boys by taking unusual advantage. How long will she play with the life of boy? Playing With Life.

Lesson Of Life

Do you know Lesson Of Life? Lesson Of Life is recognised as Experience of Life. Every Human Being is struggling in every moment of Life somewhere anyhow. Some are creating problems out of Ego while others are victim of circumstance. Sometimes it breaks a person to take Life of self or others without thinking anything. But taken action in haste prove you wrong or it became such a tragic loss which can’t be recovered. Lesson of Life compels you to think before act, check your Ego, and keep patience. But all emotions burst at the last point where Frustration has grown up to the climax. And its very tough to control the Emotion of Frustration, which leads to the destruction. All knowledge get over under tormenting Emotion. But oly Emotion may not control your Life. Your thinking capacity also play a great role. But the adjustment between Emotion and Reason is essence of Life. Your Lesson of Life only suggest you to survive better Life in the best possible manner. It suggests to enrich your Life with diversity.

Smart Lady

She was very beautiful and she knew how to use her smart mind to take due advantage. She never hesitated to speak loudly before public to get all attetion. She smartly always played such leading role in her drama of life that nobody could ignore her. When she came in college life, limelight became her essence. But due to several reasons instead of her classmates she pick a lecturer as lover. She fulfilled all her dream of enjoying celebraty life with him. As Lecturer was rich and dreamy to earn everything in a single life. Lecturer was not married but also had two sons. But in the influence of her beauty Lecturer forgot all responsibilities and moral duties. If he could remember anything it was only her love and a life of successful person. Lastly Lecturer left his family including mother, father, wife, son and all property. In new house Lecturer was only enjoying his profession besides politics with his beautiful new wife. Nobody raised any question. As Smart Lady used to say- Its my personal Life.

Confused Life : Broken Heart

He was confused as well as broken heart. Really he had reason to be baffled. His whole life was getting a new turn. Since Childhood he had earned nothing but sorrow and pain. God blessed him with a small family, but family problem had snatched his pleasure. In very childhood responsibility of family came over him as serious disease. With the passage of time he became very careful about his every action, tried very hard to save his soul and spirit. He transformed himself into, completely innocent and very responsible for the family. But he always wanted love and care. In school life, he used to make everyone to laugh. Perhaps “MERA NAM JOKER” Movie had inspired him a lot, which was watched several times by him. Never had he wanted to share the hidden pain and silent cry. Just wanted attention of all. Yes, he becomes popular but everyone underestimated him. Sometimes due to family member he was compelled to spread his hand before others, while it was not his essence. But for the pleasure of family he did everything. While his body transformed into young blood, however innocence was available. Wanted to love someone but he never liked to cross the limit. His thought was traditional which could not match with the modernity of time. While he was in spiritual crisis, a marriage offer came for him. He was not in mood to marry in such a hurry but wanted love of someone. He was tired of daily routine work. And unwillingly he was convinced. Lastly marriage ceremony got solemnized on due date. Happiness was everywhere. But this pleasure does not stayed for long with him as due to undesirable action of newly wedded wife, he frankly added –“It seems that our relationship will not go longer in this way.” She tried to correct –“Don’t say like this. Everything will be fine with time.” But today it is clear, nothing was wrong in his attitude reading. It was not a marriage in real sense. It was a pre-planned game for the marriage of a mad girl. They knew everything and they did everything so cleverly that no one can read this. Within five month, their ways were different and now divorce is final. Some are looking for a new suitable girl for him. Sometimes he also wants someone in aloneness and in anger. But he is not happy. He doesn’t want to take another risk of life. Who knows about the future?


Today in train a Eunuch sat beside me. She was identical by face as we take train daily at the same station. But never had talked. Even today I was busy with newspaper. A friend started gossip with her and in very gossip I also got attracted. I was just shocked that Kali Hijra is no more now due to malfunction of kidney. Kali Hijra said bye to this world in May 2013. Don’t know about her feeling at the last moment but she was bold and courageous. Kali Hijra had experienced a lot of suffering in her life time. Her family was also disturbed.
Kali Hijra was known to me since childhood. Family of Kali Hijra used to live in a rented house near Janta Road (Jakkanpur), Patna. I can recall when first time I saw her. I was only eight years old that time. Her married brother had done suicide by burning himself in fire due to any family dispute. Her one brother Bali is mad. First time I had learnt that even life is so precious that nobody wants to lose it. Kali Hijra’s brother had cried a lot that time for help and survival. But it was too late. If he had delayed to fire and could understand the pressure of life expectation! Bali was mad but before fire he had tried a lot to convince and stop in which way he could do full capacity. Bali had wept. Tear…. Tear and only Tear. Who should say him – mad? Perhaps I can’t forget all these things. Even in P.G. class I had challenged a lecturer during the description. After these, Kali Hijra took care of rest family members directly or indirectly. After a long gap in June 2002, Kali Hijra got position of ward councillor of ward 10 of Patna (PMC). She earned immense popularity due to hard work in ward 10. But in the next election her application was rejected on the gender basis as ward was reserved for female. Kali Hijra is now no more to enjoy her right while in recent decision, Supreme Court has ordered for the Third Gender.

Dance Show In Local Train

Dance Show in Local Train? Yes you may be surprised, but its a fact. Dancer is not even a professional, but the most unique and popular daily passenger of this train. Dancer Ranjan is a clerk in a government office. Unfortunatelly he is a slow learner as well as kind person. A teacher plays role of his mentor – who offers music and song to enjoy by heart. Out of excitement Ranjan never pay attention if he is in train. According to space in this rushy train he entertains all. Sometimes he became angry due to any misbehave but all his friends give him a good company. In earlier years, he used to stay alone and silent. When he started to dance on musical tune everybody thought he is mad. But with the passage of time everyone experienced that he is getting a new way of life. He is mixing himself with others. Everyone was afraid that he may have lost somewhere in alienation. Hope this Dance Show may change his whole life. Do you think his Dance Show in Local Train and interaction with others may change his mind?