Smile And Life

Everybody was thinking about her smile. She was smiling while she was filled with Negative Emotion. Life was not so smooth. Roughness has scrached her Emotionally. But even in harsh condition she never left to Smile. Her Smile was vibrating the whole Environment. She just used to think that Sorrow can’t improve the condition. Smile may not only improve your Relation but also offer Smile to several faces. A person should try for improvement. Life offers a lots of thing not only for survival but to prove you with different aspects. Change in Life is for a reason which may be read only by few. Life is not so easy to understand. So every person should accept the Life with Smile. Blaming to self or else may not do anything good. So keep Smiling and try to prove yourself with Smile. Your Pain even may loose its bitterness before your Smile. Smile is also a type of Meditation. While it cures and cleans your heart and mind to rejuvenate you. Smile is harmless. While Smile may be counted as reason of Positive Energy.


Story And Life

What is relation between Story and Life? Answer is as easy as tough it depens only to the interpreter – how does he interpret. Frankly Story and Life may not be separated. If life is the base of story, then story is the inspiration for the life. Story may interpret our life in any manner and to the any extent. If someone may earn pleasure in the struggle of life then it may also offer mystery of life and several possible solutions to the problem. If life has offered any problem then it is not meaningless or baseless. If may have been testing patience or talent, which may prove beneficial for story or life as inspiration. Problem either break you or build you. It may encourage or discourage. Any writer does nothing but tries to understand the problem with different aspect and imagine for possible solution & circumstance. If you are sensitive then your heart may melt to weep or filled with joy, which is the real aim or success of a writer. Story is nothing but slices of life and life is collection of slices.

Patience And Courage May Change Your Life

Patience and courage may change your life. But people neither like to keep patience nor courage. With a little problem we become tense, and try to get attention. Even our disappointment or depression leads us to the end of our life. While life is more than these odd incidents. Love, Separation, Disease, Scold, Fight, Handicap or else may divert your mind. But with the passage of time everything became cure. After suffering pain, a person learns value of even small things in life. It makes a person to be satisfied that you are not alone in this world to suffer. There are many more in worse condition and they are leading their life in the best way. You may be suffering a lot, but try to share hope & smile. No one may offer you sympathy for long. So try to change your life in your own way. Don’t be worried for those – which are not in your hand. Never think much for future. Expectation is root cause of all pain. Never think for returning. But you’ll get something in return surely. Keep patience & courage to do.

Success And Failure

Success and Failure have great relation. For getting a Success, a person have to work hard till the very last moment and even have to face lots of defeat. Ocean of tear rolls down, cry of mental, physical, spiritual and emotional pain comes often. In silence a person recalls all his good and bad days for a moment. After a great tormentation, he achieves success, where either he counts happiness or recalls days of experience. But a sincere person goes ahead with Songs of innocence and Songs of experience with hesitation and retain his position. Enough struggle in the form of blame or competition comes before him to challenge. But who is successful? Perhaps only those who try to get success with honesty and sincerity, and try hard to retain his success with the thinking of welfare. Who knows about future? What is here for forever? But it may last long. Expectation goes high but try to manage it with full capacity is the essence. None should forget that success is a thing but failure is waiting for your mistake.

Work And Result

Lord Krishna has said in The Geeta ” Just work is in your hand and never think for result”. Very truly what can a man do more than a work. It may be good or bad. It’s effect may be positive or negative, but which one will make real reflection, is not so easy to say. But it is not a true reason to stop your work or action. A human being should be always in action. With right attitude, right action in right direction surely will result in right. So everybody should try his/her best. But never be disappointed if result doesn’t come as expected. But you may be sure that your powerful effort surely will make some mark there. It will show the power of your action. If same action will be repeated obviously success will be there in coming time. So just work and work and never think for result. Your deserving action surely will transform into good result or will have to wait for some moment. But besides it your patience and concentration will also add something. Your action even will be marked for your attempt.

Life And Action

What is Life without action? And which action is not a part of our life? At which moment we are not in action? In every passing second we are involve in some sort of action either productive or unproductive. All these actions are lead by some actions and its effects. Even Calmness of someone is also a type of action. If action is not controlling the life then life will control the action. It is a truth. Either create your way of life with your choice or life will compel you to bear the following action. Really your immediate or later action may lead you to the best possible position or may throw you in the worst condition. So it is said that always be in action in right direction at the right time. Your action should carry revolution, resolution or reformation but not the mental or physical tension. Even your mind is always struggling besides physical to follow the action. Anyone may expect for positive result but should not be assured. Otherwise you will get only frustration & mental pain.So action is life.

Mukhtaran Bibi:Inspiration Of Life

Victim of Gang rape and Illiterate woman of Pakistan, Mukhtaran Bibi has become inspiration of life. Mukhtaran was not only victimised by the people but also by the government of Pakistan. Generally life after heinous crime like rape becomes so miserable that Death is supposed better than Life;however power of politics was against her in the air. Bibi was experiencing every harsh moment of Life. But with the support of Parents, she refused to think about suicide and started a new life. Bibi started a small school to educate all with risk. Starting such work even by economically weak person was very tough but with courage at present her organisation is working very well for the welfare of the society. Out of jealousy several stones were thrown over her but she created a bridge of Success with these stones.Someone may thrash her courage in tough time but this world will salute her for such journey of life.She is real hero of life and person should take lesson that Life doesn’t end with you but your cowardness.