Children’s Day

Children’s Day is celebrated in about 191 countries. And in each and every country Children’s Day is celebrated on different days. But their motto is only one – Welfare of Children. Because Children are the only future of any society, state, nation or universe. Either be regional or national, at every stage some cultural programmes are organised. Some Children are rewarded, some new laws are highlighted. Promise of glamorous future of Children is thrown. But what is the truth behind the curtain? How many Children are happy? Even in today’s modern age Children are engaged in dangerous work place. Children are maltreated in every aspect at work shop. Yet Children are deprived of Education, Food, Love, Care and of Human Right. But some government or NGO remember them only on some occasions otherwise no one have time to even to think for them. What is the need of such celebration of Children’s Day? What do you think of such occasional festivals?