Dr. Ramvachan Rai and his family

In the last year I was running after some information about MLC Dr. Ramvachan Rai. But on 01 January 2015 I got a news in Chauthiduniya weekly paper. In a specific news item there was information regarding several leaders. It was shocking that Ramvachan Rai had left his first wife in village. He had married Dr. Indu Mouar, who was working in a college. But it was not enough. He tried for third marriage wife a Music Teacher. In the mean time Dr. Indu Mouar rushed to Bihar Mahila Aayog to save her marriage Life. It was Dr. Indu Mouar who won the case and Dr. Ramvachan Rai had to spent his whole Life with Dr. Indu Mouar. But after all there are lots of drama in the Life and they are also enjoying their Life like so. God or only Dr. Indu Mouar knows if she’ll come in the Politics of Bihar or not. But some people say that one day after retirement from Patna University chances are more. But let us see what happens in the family of Dr. Ramvachan Rai and Dr. Indu Mouar.


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