Mad Woman In Train

As the Bagh Express arrived Samastipur Junction, a mad woman entered into the compartment. She walked randomly seat to seat and tried to sit somewhere. But no one allowed her to sit nearby. Even she was scolded and directed to go out of train. However she placed herself near the entrance gate. Everyone was just observing her activity and commenting about her circumstance and condition. Suddenly a young girl rose from the first berth and gave a new towel on the body of mad woman. She even clipped the towel so well that it may not fall anywhere. Mad Woman was just looking her. Train now moved ahead to Muzaffarpur. As Train reached to Dholi, someone snatched the towel from the Mad Woman. And she was in the same position, just looking in the direction of towel snatcher… Its life, where nobody can so sympathy but god has given hand to snatch anythinh even from a Mad Woman.


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