Sound is our identity. It can’t be seen but can be experienced, heard. In a human being when Sound arrives then it is life. After the Sound our body is left with nothing and known as dead body. Within minutes this pure and lovable body transforms into untouchable and ugly. While body appears in sleeping mode. It is truth of our life. With Sound we may interact, argue and love or fight with any. Our Ego becomes bigger than real life. We forget the truth of life and run after someone’s life. But within minutes everything becomes over. This Sound which starts our life with cry even ends in cry. Very few people enjoy smile even in the last journey of life. And this Unique Sound is never heard again anywhere after death. But it hovers in our memory. Nature offers everything but it depends on a person how to utilize it. Either use or abuse this God Gifted body and sound. One day this sound has to leave this body to take another body for next journey of life in this universe.


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