Mad Woman In Train

As the Bagh Express arrived Samastipur Junction, a mad woman entered into the compartment. She walked randomly seat to seat and tried to sit somewhere. But no one allowed her to sit nearby. Even she was scolded and directed to go out of train. However she placed herself near the entrance gate. Everyone was just observing her activity and commenting about her circumstance and condition. Suddenly a young girl rose from the first berth and gave a new towel on the body of mad woman. She even clipped the towel so well that it may not fall anywhere. Mad Woman was just looking her. Train now moved ahead to Muzaffarpur. As Train reached to Dholi, someone snatched the towel from the Mad Woman. And she was in the same position, just looking in the direction of towel snatcher… Its life, where nobody can so sympathy but god has given hand to snatch anythinh even from a Mad Woman.


Syllabus Of Pre- Ph. D. Registration Entrance Test 2014 onwards Of Magadh University Bodh Gaya Bihar.

Pre- Ph. D., Registration Entrance Test is conduted by Magadh University to enroll the candidates for getting Ph. D. Degree. This entrance test consists two papers carrying 100 marks each in the concerned s. A candidate must have to secure at least 35 marks in each paper. But in order to qualify in the ” Pre-Ph. D., Registration Entrance Test” a candidate have to secure at least 100 marks as aggregate in both papers of the concerned subject. Subject wise test paper is different. Generally paper I is objective type while Paper II is of Descriptive Type. Assessment material is about to like syllabus of M. A. / M. Sc. /M. Com/ …. Of Magadh University Bodh Gaya. In some subjects paper I consists only 50 questions carrying 2 marks for each while in some it consists 100 questions carrying 1 marks for each. Like so in paper II number of questions depends on different section. Some carries 10 marks for each while some carries 20 marks each. While in some subjects all questions are compulsary while rest are not.


Teacher is supposed very unique person in this universe. He is always expected to answer all the asked questions or problems to him. It is not necessary that Teacher may only be a human being. In real sense which/who can teach you anything, that may be your Teacher. First Teacher is mother or father. But Nature is your Life time Teacher. It may teach you to learn a Life. Every problem of Life may prove your Teacher. As every problem teaches you to struggle. Every hurdle of Life encourages you to face the challenges of Life boldly with different aspects with patience. Air, water, tree and Earth offers you a lot of thing to make you aware. Teacher does nothing but only tries to Motivate or Inspire. For learning a lesson book is not only a solution. Besides it you have to learn a lots of thing from the surroundings. Every creature on this Earth is using their enriched and imperfect knowledge in their best capacity. So Teacher is the most essential part of our Life. Teacher is always available to you everywhere.


Sound is our identity. It can’t be seen but can be experienced, heard. In a human being when Sound arrives then it is life. After the Sound our body is left with nothing and known as dead body. Within minutes this pure and lovable body transforms into untouchable and ugly. While body appears in sleeping mode. It is truth of our life. With Sound we may interact, argue and love or fight with any. Our Ego becomes bigger than real life. We forget the truth of life and run after someone’s life. But within minutes everything becomes over. This Sound which starts our life with cry even ends in cry. Very few people enjoy smile even in the last journey of life. And this Unique Sound is never heard again anywhere after death. But it hovers in our memory. Nature offers everything but it depends on a person how to utilize it. Either use or abuse this God Gifted body and sound. One day this sound has to leave this body to take another body for next journey of life in this universe.