Story And Life

What is relation between Story and Life? Answer is as easy as tough it depens only to the interpreter – how does he interpret. Frankly Story and Life may not be separated. If life is the base of story, then story is the inspiration for the life. Story may interpret our life in any manner and to the any extent. If someone may earn pleasure in the struggle of life then it may also offer mystery of life and several possible solutions to the problem. If life has offered any problem then it is not meaningless or baseless. If may have been testing patience or talent, which may prove beneficial for story or life as inspiration. Problem either break you or build you. It may encourage or discourage. Any writer does nothing but tries to understand the problem with different aspect and imagine for possible solution & circumstance. If you are sensitive then your heart may melt to weep or filled with joy, which is the real aim or success of a writer. Story is nothing but slices of life and life is collection of slices.


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