Confused Life : Broken Heart

He was confused as well as broken heart. Really he had reason to be baffled. His whole life was getting a new turn. Since Childhood he had earned nothing but sorrow and pain. God blessed him with a small family, but family problem had snatched his pleasure. In very childhood responsibility of family came over him as serious disease. With the passage of time he became very careful about his every action, tried very hard to save his soul and spirit. He transformed himself into, completely innocent and very responsible for the family. But he always wanted love and care. In school life, he used to make everyone to laugh. Perhaps “MERA NAM JOKER” Movie had inspired him a lot, which was watched several times by him. Never had he wanted to share the hidden pain and silent cry. Just wanted attention of all. Yes, he becomes popular but everyone underestimated him. Sometimes due to family member he was compelled to spread his hand before others, while it was not his essence. But for the pleasure of family he did everything. While his body transformed into young blood, however innocence was available. Wanted to love someone but he never liked to cross the limit. His thought was traditional which could not match with the modernity of time. While he was in spiritual crisis, a marriage offer came for him. He was not in mood to marry in such a hurry but wanted love of someone. He was tired of daily routine work. And unwillingly he was convinced. Lastly marriage ceremony got solemnized on due date. Happiness was everywhere. But this pleasure does not stayed for long with him as due to undesirable action of newly wedded wife, he frankly added –“It seems that our relationship will not go longer in this way.” She tried to correct –“Don’t say like this. Everything will be fine with time.” But today it is clear, nothing was wrong in his attitude reading. It was not a marriage in real sense. It was a pre-planned game for the marriage of a mad girl. They knew everything and they did everything so cleverly that no one can read this. Within five month, their ways were different and now divorce is final. Some are looking for a new suitable girl for him. Sometimes he also wants someone in aloneness and in anger. But he is not happy. He doesn’t want to take another risk of life. Who knows about the future?


Story And Life

What is relation between Story and Life? Answer is as easy as tough it depens only to the interpreter – how does he interpret. Frankly Story and Life may not be separated. If life is the base of story, then story is the inspiration for the life. Story may interpret our life in any manner and to the any extent. If someone may earn pleasure in the struggle of life then it may also offer mystery of life and several possible solutions to the problem. If life has offered any problem then it is not meaningless or baseless. If may have been testing patience or talent, which may prove beneficial for story or life as inspiration. Problem either break you or build you. It may encourage or discourage. Any writer does nothing but tries to understand the problem with different aspect and imagine for possible solution & circumstance. If you are sensitive then your heart may melt to weep or filled with joy, which is the real aim or success of a writer. Story is nothing but slices of life and life is collection of slices.