Beauty, Love And Life

She was so lovely and beautiful at that time, when a professor fall in her love. Her stubborness made everyone to bow down before her decision as she had been brought up in much love and care. She was happy that she was love of great scholar and critics of Hindi Literature. Even she started her life as Programme Coordinator in Deepayatan just for Rs. 1640/- pay scale. But quickly she got a chance to teach in Arvind Mahila College, Patna. But her luck pull her in Magadh Mahila College as Associate Professor of Hindi Department. But in aloneness she experiences lots of pain as neither she is enjoying love of her husband or any member of large family. Even she is issueless. She passes her time with writing works and Newspaper & Magazines. In these days, after realizing the truth of life she is just writing, writing and writing. Her several books are decorating market, Hindi Literature & Libraries of India. Really after her there will be noone to weep except readers.But her hidden pain of Indu comes in writing.


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