Man And Politics

Salman Rushdie had said that man is a political animal by birth. But he is not wrong. Nobody is on this Earth, who does not talk about Politics or Policy of government. Everybody tries to interpret every decision in their full capacity. But it does not mean that everybody becomes Politician. In social sense, active person in Politis is known as Politician. But some times Politics is not just attached with the work of government, but it is also treated as tricks & cleverness, which is always taken in negative sense. Office Politics is different from the Politics of formation of government. But no any office is left where decision of government is not discussed. Even in train, bus, party, social group and on any public spot you may observe it. Not only literate or service class but also illiterate and labour class take especial interest in such poliy or decision gossip. While they know that they can’t do better with such gossips except wasting their time. But it is also a truth that such gossips make awareness.


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