Beauty, Love And Life

She was so lovely and beautiful at that time, when a professor fall in her love. Her stubborness made everyone to bow down before her decision as she had been brought up in much love and care. She was happy that she was love of great scholar and critics of Hindi Literature. Even she started her life as Programme Coordinator in Deepayatan just for Rs. 1640/- pay scale. But quickly she got a chance to teach in Arvind Mahila College, Patna. But her luck pull her in Magadh Mahila College as Associate Professor of Hindi Department. But in aloneness she experiences lots of pain as neither she is enjoying love of her husband or any member of large family. Even she is issueless. She passes her time with writing works and Newspaper & Magazines. In these days, after realizing the truth of life she is just writing, writing and writing. Her several books are decorating market, Hindi Literature & Libraries of India. Really after her there will be noone to weep except readers.But her hidden pain of Indu comes in writing.


How did Manjhi become CM ?

How did Manjhi become CM of Bihar? Did Dr. Ram Vachan Rai play game of mind? MLC Dr. Ram Vachan Rai used to prepare Political resolution and others as Think Tank and as close confident of RJD supremo Lalu Prasad Yadav, when he was MLC & state general secretary of RJD. It is also said that Dr. Ram Vachan Rai had given first suggestion to Lalu Prasad Yadav to appoint Smt. Rabari Devi as CM of Bihar with logic that noone will be able to oppose the lady CM. Unity in side the party will be safe. Lalu Prasad Yadav will be able to rule indirectly, able to earn facilities and will be in the position to show his capacity. Perhaps Dr. Ram Vachan Rai has again used his master mind to appoint Jitan Ram Manjhi as the CM of Bihar by convincing that noone will be able to oppose easily due to vote bank policy. Even unity in the party can be controlled. Nitish Kumar will be able to show his sacrifice, able to rule indirectly. Nitish will be able to fight freely with opposing party with new tricks. Ram Vachan Rai knows to do.

Man And Politics

Salman Rushdie had said that man is a political animal by birth. But he is not wrong. Nobody is on this Earth, who does not talk about Politics or Policy of government. Everybody tries to interpret every decision in their full capacity. But it does not mean that everybody becomes Politician. In social sense, active person in Politis is known as Politician. But some times Politics is not just attached with the work of government, but it is also treated as tricks & cleverness, which is always taken in negative sense. Office Politics is different from the Politics of formation of government. But no any office is left where decision of government is not discussed. Even in train, bus, party, social group and on any public spot you may observe it. Not only literate or service class but also illiterate and labour class take especial interest in such poliy or decision gossip. While they know that they can’t do better with such gossips except wasting their time. But it is also a truth that such gossips make awareness.

Life Has Given

Today he is sad. He is experiencing helplessness. Noone is with him to share the pain of heart. He can’t weep and show the tear as noone is there to listen his word. Since childhood he devoted his life for the family – mother, brother, sister and father. Everybody has only expectation. He is experiencing himself as struggling for survival in a great desert. Perhaps he is also suffering from some serious disease now. Everybody just tries to show him only a dream, which may be only dream for him. Sometimes he works with enthusiasm and sometimes with frustration. Even he can’t die peacefully as his moral value directs him for responsibility of life. What life has given him? Only chance to come on the Earth? Be human? Tolerate all? Do good for all? But what in the last- Die in alone? Who will take care of him? Has any value of life for self? Getting only chance for adventure? No doubt for optimist its good for learning lesson of life. But for pessimist…? What will life offer him in the last? Big question?