Enjoying The Romantic Environment

In the evening when I was on the walk, drizzling attracted attention of everybody. If some were making speed, then some were trying to enjoy the Romantic Environment. I also was not in mood to lose this Precious Moment. But within few minutes heavy rain drops compelled everybody to run for shelter. I leaned against a wall. Peace was getting disturbance due to fall of rain drops & wind blow. Some cars and bikes were also taking rain bath. Suddenly a group of Nude Children of 6-10 yrs started to run in the mid of the road. Nude Children were dancing with their passion and lying on the water filled road. Their songs were of Hindi & Bhojpuri movies. But they were enjoying Ecstasy no doubt. In front, a teen was looking down from the window and enjoying music with earphone. A young lady on the bike also crossed the road in this rain, perhaps didn’t want to miss. Eye went to green plants & trees, rain had washed their dust. O My God! Rain changed the direction. I was under heavy rain fall. Nothing remain only smile.


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