NH30 of Patna

Yesterday I was on evening walk on NH30. Major reason for this choice was to experience the change within ten years. Now Patna is a changed capital of Bihar in infrastructure. Years ago NH30 was only 2 way and green trees were on the both sides. Somewhere bad smell used to disturb us due to thrown dead animals. Public used to fear to cross NH30. But now for many kms, you only can see concrete works everywhre. NH30 is going to be widened 4-6 way. Hospital, Show-room, Petrol pump, School and Market have occupied their places. Ring Service Auto & Bus are available to minimize the distance. In need of water, you may only see to snacks corner. Roads have been structured with sub-ways to cross the road. Hoardings are there to get your attention. Nice development it is. I can recall the memory of Delhi. But there is pain for environment & drinking water. Speed of vehicles have grown- up but the life expectancy on NH30 has declined. Thrown animals may compel to vomit. Vulture can’t be seen but dogs may hurt anytime.


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