Romance In Open

Once again life was there. Seven year has gone. Lots of change has occupied their proper places in this Life Span. She was lying beside her, wanted to enjoy the Romance In The Open light of full moon. Never wanted to miss this Memorable Night. A cool breeze was adding the flavour of mood. Romantic Music was encouraging them to come together. Thoughts were struggling in the brain. But there was a problem – how to start gossip? Its very difficult to say which word may change their mind. Grievances may be for this gap. Who will believe – he had love for her? For 7 yrs he had not even inquired about her. Never tried to know if she is alive or dead. What sort of this love is? Only for need? Now time has changed. Feeling has changed. But a thin string of Emotion is still attached. He had never expected for such Love. Perhaps she also had not expected to meet again. Emotion was taking essential shape to start. But it was very hard to take first step. Nothing was possible without required instict. Romance in open…


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