Today in train a Eunuch sat beside me. She was identical by face as we take train daily at the same station. But never had talked. Even today I was busy with newspaper. A friend started gossip with her and in very gossip I also got attracted. I was just shocked that Kali Hijra is no more now due to malfunction of kidney. Kali Hijra said bye to this world in May 2013. Don’t know about her feeling at the last moment but she was bold and courageous. Kali Hijra had experienced a lot of suffering in her life time. Her family was also disturbed.
Kali Hijra was known to me since childhood. Family of Kali Hijra used to live in a rented house near Janta Road (Jakkanpur), Patna. I can recall when first time I saw her. I was only eight years old that time. Her married brother had done suicide by burning himself in fire due to any family dispute. Her one brother Bali is mad. First time I had learnt that even life is so precious that nobody wants to lose it. Kali Hijra’s brother had cried a lot that time for help and survival. But it was too late. If he had delayed to fire and could understand the pressure of life expectation! Bali was mad but before fire he had tried a lot to convince and stop in which way he could do full capacity. Bali had wept. Tear…. Tear and only Tear. Who should say him – mad? Perhaps I can’t forget all these things. Even in P.G. class I had challenged a lecturer during the description. After these, Kali Hijra took care of rest family members directly or indirectly. After a long gap in June 2002, Kali Hijra got position of ward councillor of ward 10 of Patna (PMC). She earned immense popularity due to hard work in ward 10. But in the next election her application was rejected on the gender basis as ward was reserved for female. Kali Hijra is now no more to enjoy her right while in recent decision, Supreme Court has ordered for the Third Gender.


Osho gives a meaning of life

Osho is no more in this human race now. But religiously he is accessible far and wide and in all action. Osho has articulated his observation in every facet to the whole thing. He has tried to fill the constructive vigour in every accomplishment of every individual. It was the essence of moment as life is a mystery in itself. And nobody is able to feed the curiosity. Ethical message and attitude may silent the energetic mind but in convenient existence it may generate havoc. Modification connecting to practical life and imagination are indispensable for a flourishing existence. Osho has tried to encourage everybody for everything with positivity. If you wish to weep or laugh – do it by deep heart and too much. Inside there is nothing. Whatsoever is –it is only our accepted wisdom and imagination, which goes to the brainpower and body to bring into play. What is our life more than feeling? Is there any dissimilarity between a sound asleep and a deceased person except their existence? Dead one also seems sleeping with ease. Osho has also tried to convince about the reality of life? Either be animal or human being everything creature of this world is in some essence of physical activities, which may be satisfied in different aspect. Even in some cases it torments mentally and leads to the spiritual disaster and mental break down. Actually this world is like a great entrap of problems where adjustment between practical life and ideal life clashes to each other. And human being is left nowhere. Escapism is also the result of this hazardous incident. Osho adds that only a way to prevail over these problems is just listen to your heart. Your heart really knows the fact and it makes proper adjustment with everything. Your inner voice only can satisfy you. And your satisfaction is a major solution of your every problem. We should never forget that balance between intellect and emotion is the essential part of our personality. No one can deny or escape from it. If we work only either with intellect or emotion then surely destruction is waiting for our downfall. And Osho stresses it for this purpose.