Passage Of Time

With The Passage Of Time , things get changed. Faces of human earn some maturity lines while body turns into either strong or weak. Relation and Emotion develop a new direction. Feeling also take a turn either in positive or negative. If you meet with someone after a gap, you experience something different surely. With The Passage Of Time, your thinking earns maturity. You don’t only see the prospects of Life in a way but also in complete. You learn the value of man, woman, relation, thing and every living or non-living object of this world. Your spirituality adds a new dimension in your character. Your hate get transformation into Love. With the Passage of time you learn your capacity. You never try to take risk of crossing your limit. But you also learn the meaning of hope, expectation, & promise. Even Meaning Of Life is realized in the last moment of Life. With the passage of time, you may also experience yourself in a new environment or world.


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