Dance Show In Local Train

Dance Show in Local Train? Yes you may be surprised, but its a fact. Dancer is not even a professional, but the most unique and popular daily passenger of this train. Dancer Ranjan is a clerk in a government office. Unfortunatelly he is a slow learner as well as kind person. A teacher plays role of his mentor – who offers music and song to enjoy by heart. Out of excitement Ranjan never pay attention if he is in train. According to space in this rushy train he entertains all. Sometimes he became angry due to any misbehave but all his friends give him a good company. In earlier years, he used to stay alone and silent. When he started to dance on musical tune everybody thought he is mad. But with the passage of time everyone experienced that he is getting a new way of life. He is mixing himself with others. Everyone was afraid that he may have lost somewhere in alienation. Hope this Dance Show may change his whole life. Do you think his Dance Show in Local Train and interaction with others may change his mind?


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