Goddess Of Love

She was Goddess of Love and just wanted to share it. But noone was ready to understand her feeling. She devoted herself to him whom she had loved, prayed as God. She had full faith in him. Nodoubt he had only sympathy for her but in later he bowed his heart before her devotion. But with the passage of time circumstances had changed. Her feeling became dried- solid like stone. She tried hard to stop her tears for him. And successfully she refused his love in later. Everyone was confused – what happened within a short while? But it became clear that she had realized – she was loving him truly but it was one sided. Another was only supporting him just to please her; which may not last long. So its better to end this tiresome and confused relation. Pain is sure. But it will give smile to every face of family and others as relationship was going nowhere. Even after the end of this relation she was feeling proud for this Relation. What was this? She rejected proposal just to regard the value of True Love ?


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