Osho Teaches To Be Human

What does Osho teach? What can Osho do? Answer is simple. Osho may change your life, if you change your attitude of life. Osho says that everybody should enjoy every moment of life too much without wait. If you want to weep, then only weep and weep. If you want to laugh then only laugh to the full. If you want to love, then only love. If you want to hate, then only hate. Like so either be happy or sad. But do everything untill you earn satisfaction without hurting others. I used to think what is the meaning of such things. But in later I realized – if you hesitate to do anything out of ego or fear, then it torments you. But if you do what you want then your inner voice alerts you. Your Ego works properly. It purify your soul and helps to be a human. Osho teaches to be human. Really Osho offers a way of life of positive thinking. Even your risk may improve your life. There is nothing in life which may stay for forever. So in this uncertainty everybody should go ahead with risk and adventure. Life is only life.


Dance Show In Local Train

Dance Show in Local Train? Yes you may be surprised, but its a fact. Dancer is not even a professional, but the most unique and popular daily passenger of this train. Dancer Ranjan is a clerk in a government office. Unfortunatelly he is a slow learner as well as kind person. A teacher plays role of his mentor – who offers music and song to enjoy by heart. Out of excitement Ranjan never pay attention if he is in train. According to space in this rushy train he entertains all. Sometimes he became angry due to any misbehave but all his friends give him a good company. In earlier years, he used to stay alone and silent. When he started to dance on musical tune everybody thought he is mad. But with the passage of time everyone experienced that he is getting a new way of life. He is mixing himself with others. Everyone was afraid that he may have lost somewhere in alienation. Hope this Dance Show may change his whole life. Do you think his Dance Show in Local Train and interaction with others may change his mind?

Goddess Of Love

She was Goddess of Love and just wanted to share it. But noone was ready to understand her feeling. She devoted herself to him whom she had loved, prayed as God. She had full faith in him. Nodoubt he had only sympathy for her but in later he bowed his heart before her devotion. But with the passage of time circumstances had changed. Her feeling became dried- solid like stone. She tried hard to stop her tears for him. And successfully she refused his love in later. Everyone was confused – what happened within a short while? But it became clear that she had realized – she was loving him truly but it was one sided. Another was only supporting him just to please her; which may not last long. So its better to end this tiresome and confused relation. Pain is sure. But it will give smile to every face of family and others as relationship was going nowhere. Even after the end of this relation she was feeling proud for this Relation. What was this? She rejected proposal just to regard the value of True Love ?

Selection of Topic For Blog

Search or Selection of Hot Topic is a tough job. As whenever we go to write Article, Blog, Story, or Poem, then it comes to mind what should be written. If this topic is of any value? What will be response? But in real sense every Topic is a raw material. It has proper significance. We should be alert to pick a theme from any incident of Life. Even Negativity may carry Triumph or Positivity may leave you in back. Treatment & Research of Topic play key role. Presentation of Topic with different aspects increases value of work of art. In this vast world someone is seeking some sort of information. So any Topic can’t be ignored. Timing & Quality of Blog, Story, or Poem give attentive impression. In general people look for the information – which may solve their life problem, may increase their knowledge, satisfy their curiosity. And which may support Emotionally or entertaion them. Anything may be Hot Topic for writing if it is reading the mood of reader. So everyone should work in such a way that it may work.