How To Write Blog, Story, Poem, Drama

How To Write Blog, Story, Poem, Drama or any piece of work of art. Its a tough question for every Writer. As whenever we sit to write, mind gets confused. But it is very easy if you have nose for theme. In this world you have lots of theme to write in every incident. You to identify the angle in which you want to frame your work. Your Blog, Story or Poem may get popularity if you earn capacity to add universality with quality & quantity. Style of Writing also attracts attention of reader. If your diction or selection of word is apt then you’ll go easily. Presentation with fact & sincerity offers a lot. Writing is collection of words but it has proper significance. We should be economical. Propr Title of Blog, Story, Poem, Drama etc reveals the gist of content. Diary Writing is also a type of self expression but it should be of some value with appeal. Even you should be aware about the taste of reader for whom you are writing. Writing is fun & passion. You may earn fame if you take it with sincerity.Follow it.


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