In Train

Today Local Train was not much crowded like other days however it was a good rush. Hawkers & Beggers were on their own tune. Gossip of Politics was taking attention of all newspaper readers and others. Cards were mixed and distributed among the players. Some romantic songs were also on. Passengers were rushing up and down on every halt & station. Meanwhile a girl of 16 came in the scene with ” Mera babu chhail chhabila …”. Her melodious sound and dance suddenly took attention of all. Everyone was confused with her presentation. But it didn’t take much time to understand that its a new style of earning livelihood. But everyone became shocked to watch that girl was not only singing, dancing & touching young passengers but also trying to put her hand in the pockets of passengers, and without hesitation was picking out money or papers. When voice was raised to scold the girl due to such behave then she started to weep & blame that passenger for doing wrong with her. Even some boys came in favour of girl. What ?


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