Arvind Kejriwal : Chief Minister Of Delhi

Arvind Kejriwal is going to be the Chief Minister of Delhi in coming days. This boy of Haryana may never have dreamt about this historic day even after resigning IRS. Earlier he had completed Engineering course in IIT, but now he is trying very hard to purify the Politics. When Congress and others challenged Anna Hazare & Kejriwal during India Against Corruption movement then Kejriwal established AAM AADMI PARTY (AAP) on 26 Dec 2012. Attack over Kejriwal in different forms is going on and hope the same for future. Even after lots of criticism Kejriwal is working very carefully. How much success will he get? – it is matter of wait & watch. But everyone is now accepting that rise of Kejriwal is giving a new dimension to Politics. It is very early to say that Kejriwal may change the whole scenario but surely have got a solid space in the history of Indian Politics. And his every is going to present a historic example in Indian Politics. We should be hopeful for the betterment in his hand.


One thought on “Arvind Kejriwal : Chief Minister Of Delhi

  1. While on AK and AAP, pls read my post – “Downloading in Delhi – the app of the season!!!”
    Feedback most welcome. Thanks

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