Love Life

Love is essence of life. Without Love this world is like a desert. But love has envy, expectation, frustration, tear with happiness and loveliness. Fight between two lovers increases love if it is healthy. If someone likes to scoff any and tries to rectify the behaviour always, then it leads to the end of relation. Actually every person has a weakness – he/she wants praise, love, regard and attention but does not like to give the same to any. This contradiction creates enemity and aloneness. You may be loved by all if you start to love first of all to self and then to nature, beauty and others. If you like to share your true emotion with manner. If you provide freedom and personal space to everyone. Bondage or restriction decreases mutual understanding. In true love, healthy fight is real indicator of live wire as two things may never be similar as two persons may not be always agree to think in the same direction without compromise.So for the healthy Love Life everybody should learn to give instead of take.


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