Might Is Right

Once again time has proved that Might is right. You may fight in full energy for justice, but you’ll be also a winner- be not so sure if you are fighting against the chair. Because in which moment they feel failureness in their capacity in the same moment they imply power of unfair means. It may be possible that truth may win later. But what about the troubles which come to crush the person. Due to today’s decision I am shocked that how a lady officer has been transferred to a far flung state of India while a male officer has been transferred only 50 kms far from working station in the same state. Matter of transfer came as a minister was also in the very troubled water. Even government didn’t entertain the matter or minister and punished a lady to supress the matter. Who will give justice while our system is already trying to survive anyhow. Ego plays a big role in any enemity or inhumanity. Simple people does not see any ray of hope for pleasant life. Power is everywhere to create trouble for weaker.


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