Nitish Lost Game Of Congress

Congress Party played a great game, which is realized by Nitish Kumar now. But it is too late to rectify. When he was demanding Special Status, whole Bihar was with him. But when Raghuram Rajan submitted his report Special Status became secondary matter. Nitish announced – he’ll support those, who’ll give Special Status. Indirectly wanted to leave BJP or NDA and join UPA. He welcomed P. Chidambaram in Patna by heart. Even Ashok Choudhry came in favour of JDU on several occasions. But defeat in four states in Election 2013 compelled congress to think again. No doubt Congress is going to face Election 2014 with RJD in Bihar by sidelining JDU, who has lost all faith. Even its very hard for Nitish to manage 4-5 seats in Election 2014. Due to Patna Bombblast Congress got an opportunity to keep Nitish under pressure. Sushil Kumar Shinde wrote letter to express party’s intention. Now Nitish Kumar is trying to save his own boat, but chances are very less that Lalu Prasad Yadav or Narendra Modi will give him chance.


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