Osho And Our Life

Three years ago, someone had tried to convince me that Osho has given a new aspect of Life. His view is very helpful in this crucial life. And today again somebody wanted to discuss regarding Thinking of Osho. I never say Osho has said anything wrong but it is also a great truth that he has given nothing new. He has only attracted people by touching the feeling of concious and subconcious part of mind. Osho has expressed his view on Life in different aspect but all these things have been extracted from Bhagavad Geeta and other religious books. View of Sigmund Freud may been experienced in the explanation of myth and mystery of Human Behaviour. Very conduct of human behaviour has been expressed to fulfill the lust. Life of human may not be differentiated from any other creature. Yes uniqueness of this Earth may not be ignored. On this basis development of human thinking may not be granted for betterment in this crucial time. Emphasis should be only on to leave this world in better for coming generation.


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