Aarushi Murder : Result Of Fast Life Style

In this fast life style nobody has time to think even for the self, then how can we imagine the possibility of Love & care for family members? Everyone is living in different world under the same roof. Even within very room people has limited their life in books, mobiles, lappy, and other Electronic Gadgets. Sometimes they leave their comfort zone if something unusual happens in their life or society and again go to enjoy their life. On 16 November 2008, Aarushi & Hemraj were killed in Noida near Delhi. Without making any delay Local Police caught Rajesh Talwar & Nupur Talwar for this double murder. But due to several reasons case was given to CBI, but nothing special came out. Lastly on 26 November 2013 Dentist couple Rajesh Talwar & Nupur Talwar got Life Imprisionment in CBI Court. But many questions are yet unanswered. What is special message in this case? Will parents take extra care of their children? What will be impact on the emotion of parents towards children? Will children take any lesson? Do it?