Be Practical

Be Practical. It is said that for being a successful person – have to be practical. But what is the meaning of “Be Practical”? Some say- it is nothing but control of Emotion. Means there is no time to cry or think for pain. Never treat yourself as a Human Being. Because only Machine can work even as insensitve. Reports say – about to all Successful person has shown their cruel form in decisive moment. Even William Shakespeare once wrote-“Be cruel for kindness”. But once surely should think- What is the real meaning of cited sentence. In this world nothing is impossible but controlling the Emotion is the toughest job in this Universe. If you want to be a Successful Person then have to practice it. It can be gained if you keep yourself much busy. If you enjoy the every moment of present. If you accept the cruelty of time and life. Just keep in mind- have to go ahead. Nothing is there to betray you. Your aim is only your life & you are surviving only for it. No any relation or responsibility may betray you.


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